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Besides our research regarding the lack of access to healthcare, we wanted to had the pratical Knowledge of the real actors of this field of work :

A Humanitarian Organization: Médecin Sans Frontières (MSF)

To begin with we wanted to know more about the reality of the work of NGO and has vaccines is one of the possible target of our box, we interviewed the vaccines referent of MSF, Ms Nathalie Bouygues.

Médecins Sans Frontières is French humanitarian NGO founded in 1971 during the Biafra Secession by French doctors and journalist with the goal to provide healthcare for the one in need, without borders neither distinction of race, religion or political affiliations. MSF has approximately a budget of 1,6 billion of euros, coming from 90% of private donors.

She gives us precious insight about the credibility of our project and the possibilities of future collaboration with NGO. For example, we learn that all MSF campaign are organized with another structure, MSF logistics, who manage the of routings of the machines and drugs. This organization ensure that medicines are carried to the ground of action, with respect of the cool chain and the field delivery. This allow to be sure of the origin of the drugs they use, as a matter of counterfeit drugs are serious problem for humanitarian NGO, preventing them to root solid local structures and their drug supply. This a first possibility for our box to change the game. If our machine was to be established in the healthcare falicity, it could ensure a reliable production of protein based drugs, and therefore contribute to the independence of local facilities from the humanitarian NGO, which is their final goal

A Humanitarian Start-Up: MedTrucks

MedTruck is an humanitarian company based in France and Morocco providing services for public institutions and NGOs to help them improve the healthcare for their patients. One of main asset is to analyze the need of a local population using geotracking and data mining tools, to finally provide to their customers medicalized trucks that act as portable hospitals; they will also manage them.

MedTrucks gives us advices on how companies could develop a sustainable business model, working into for public health structures or NGO with the final goal to improve the access healthcare. Besides working with MedTrucks have made us understand that our two projects could work together, our box could perfectly fit into a medicalized trucks and thus provide on demand cares to the population that need it. This is probably the opportunity for a future collaboration.

A Transfer of Technologies Company: La SATT Lutech

Lutech is a private transfer of technology company who provide advices regarding the business model, legal and logistical support to the young companies. They also have funds to invest into companies. Their goal is to accelerate the innovation, transforming projects into enterprises.

Lutech, consel about the legal issues of our project regarding the future patent we will make, and the possible issues regarding the production of already existing drugs. They also gived us precious insight on how we could make a credible business plan, that we could sustain during the future development of our company. Finally, if our project is advanced enough, they could possibly fund us.


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