Human Practices

In order to integrate our work with the community around us we divided our human practices in 3 different fronts:

Contact with experts
from different fields

During this year, we contacted a variety of experts in tropical diseases and GMO regulation both inside and outside Brazil! This has helped us shaping our project from many different perspectives, not only technically, but regarding the social impact and the regulatory and legal implications of paratransgenesis! You can check the details in our Integrated HP page, which contains excerpts from many interviews, insights about brazilian regulation and our ponderations on the subject.

Education and engagement of general population

But we didn't limit our approaches to people experienced on the subject. We realized that education on science and, specially, synthetic biology, is mainly conveyed through english speaking material, so we engaged on activities to change this panorama.
We translated a game by Exeter 2016 team and brought a high quality synbio game to the portuguese speaking community. Also, we organized the first edit-a-thon of the wikipedia for synthetic biology in Brazil (and maybe the world), editing and creating many articles in the portuguese wikipedia.
Check it all out here!

Integration of the iGEM community in Brazil

Our human practices also targeted a growing and influential community: the iGEM community! We organized a local Jamboree meeting for people all over Brazil. In this event, we got together to discuss regulatory, economic, ethical, social, legal, philosophical, ecological and security aspects of our project, the projects of other active and prospective brazilian teams as well as synthetic biology in general. You can check it on our Jamboré Brasuca page!


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