We designed a variety of parts for our circuit’s modules, with uses ranging from pathogen detection, elimination, to kill switch parts for containment of our bacteria.

We also gathered a collection of possible effectors to be used in paratransgenesis projects.

Of all of these parts, here are some of our favorite ones:

  • BBa_K2486000: Scorpine with a type1 secretion system signal peptide. Scorpine is a multi-target lytic peptide derived from the scorpion Pandinus imperator. It shows promising activity against Plasmodium and some bacteria.
  • BBa_K2486004: A part that constitutively generates DtxR (BBa_K2486005) regulator. Its expression is controlled by a medium strength promoter (BBa_J23108) and a strong RBS (BBa_B0034).
  • BBa_K2486005: This part is composed by the dtxR regulator coding sequence, the part binds to its cognate operator in the presence of Fe2+ repressing it, which is present in our synthetic PdtxR promoter (BBa_K2486023).
  • BBa_K2486007: A part that constitutively generates LldR (BBa_K1847001) regulator. Its expression is controlled by a weak promoter (BBa_J23108) and a strong RBS (BBa_B0034).
  • BBa_K2486009: This part inverts the signal produced by the interaction between DtxR protein and the cognate operator, through the repression of TetR expression in the presence of Fe2+. To obtain this result you could combine this part with parts BBa_K2486004 and BBa_K2486011.
  • BBa_K2486010: This part is a reporter module based on our promoter BBa_K2486011 and a GFP with lva tag. It’s a proof of concept that we can indeed produce circuits regulated by metabolites for use in paratransgenesis.
  • BBa_K2486011: This part is awesome! It’s a promoter that presents operator regions for TetR and lldR. It can be used with our parts BBa_K2486004, BBa_K2486009 and BBa_K2486007 producing an AND gate for lactate and Fe2+.
  • BBa_K2486177. A toehold-switch RNA with a lac promoter activated by part BBa_K2486179. Besides, it works in P. agglomerans !
  • The following parts were developed by our team: