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Member’s Attributions

Liao Xinyu formulated Pangu algorithm using MATLAB. Qi Baohua applied it to the cyclase analysis.

Wang Chongyang and Tao Wenjing are responsible for the plasmid construction and have successfully built the new part after numerous failed attempts.

Xu Xuliang focuses on automation of beta-D-Glucosidase data collection and analysis using Matlab and deduced a logistic model of enzyme expression during fermentation process.

Qi Baohua is responsible for setting up hardware and software to control LED lights for Pangu cyclase in function evaluation.

Wang Chongyang and Liu Peiyuan are responsible for protein structure MD simulations.

Li Yanming has devoted the whole summer vacation at lab, and involves in all work, especially in designing some plasmids. Fang Pengfei is responsible for the new part construction.

Xu Qi mainly prepares for presentation.

Peng Jiarong takes part in y built 3D models.

Zhang Yixuan is coordinating with most experiments and logistics.

XU suiping, Guo Yanan and Guo shuning are responsible for InterLab measurement.

Pan Qian and Zhang Chi are responsible for β-D-Glucosidase activity test.

Su Luying and Dong Shiquan are the wiki designers and make PowerPoint slides.

Zhan Mingshuo is in charge of contacting the other two schools. He has done an excellent job for communication.

General Support

Prof. Zhang Huai guided us with the plasmid construction strategy.
Prof. Ching Song gave us experimental guidance.
Prof. Zhang Huai & Ching Song and other teachers helped us with general suggestions.
Prof. Ching Song & Du Hongwu kindly provided the laboratory for us.

Equipment Support

Prof. Shi Guoqing provided the refrigerated centrifuge to us for transformation.
Prof. Yin Chunhua provided us with the gel scanner and the protocol.

A Club of Synthetic Biology

We have established a club of synthetic biology since September. In the club, instructors gave us detailed guidance to our original project design, and helped us to make improvement. We could get better result next year after training. Last but not least, we thank Prof. Cheng Feiwu for protein MD simulation account, Prof. David Baker lab for Foldit program support, IDT for free DNA synthesis service.

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