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As we know, collaboration is another way to improve ourselves, and we are very pleased to show our thought, operation and plan in the future to visitors from other teams.

Meetups in Peking University

We were invited to a meetup with PKU and OUC in August. We discussed some significant problems that we faced and shared the experience of being an iGEMer. For example, OUC iGEM team coming from Qingdao in Shandong Provence, China, gave us a presentation of algae utilization. Not only they raised a perfect project to deal with algae blooms around Qingdao sea area, but also abstracted polysaccharides ingredient from algae.

Cooperation in BCU

BCU has tidy labs and good equipment. Teachers and students of BCU gave us strong encouragement. More importantly, we has the history working together for several years. This year we continue teamwork with them. Meanwhile, we communicated widely. Industry, research and sustainable development of Synbio were discussed in these conferences. It made us to think more about what our project means to Synbio and its future expectations. Because our project is divided into several parts, many students in BCU help us to finish the synthesis of plasmid so that they relieve our heavy burden. So I am here, feel very grateful to my friends from BCU.

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