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Human practice

In order to follow the spirit of human practice, we took a long time to prepare and to finish this task. As we all know, the key to HP is to discover how the world affects us, and how we affect back to the world. In the same time, we mustn’t do our HP through some dangerous ways, also we must make sure we cannot lead to some hazardous consequence.

Background of practice

Recent studies have found that ginseng can regulate endocrine, improve body immunity and sex function, and delay senescence. Therefore, modern Chinese medicine believes that ginseng can be used to fulfill the Qi of spleen, lung, and heart. And Qi is a significant concept of traditional Chinese medicine, which can keep people energetic and vital.

Community engagement

On 20th Oct, some members of IGEM team came to community center and introduced our project to those residents; most of them are retired teachers and staffs. Last year, we held the similar engagement and we received extensive favorable comments. That’s the reason why we want to continue our practice.

We brought our banners and publicity posters in order to attract more residents’ attentions. They all came to us as soon as we appeared. First, we explained our goal to the residents. At the same time, they were very satisfied with hand cream they had gotten last year. We told to them there is a kind of component, Ginsenoside, had beneficial efforts to human body.

Some old men and ladies were looking forward to the commonweal activities. We were so pleased to receive positive comeback , and what we have done was closely related to our priority of 2017 iGEM research, synthesizing the precursor of ginseng by human body.

New Platform of iGEM Team

The history we take part in iGEM contest is about more than a decade. However, we never make the determination to set up a specific club for iGEM. Luckily, this year, we submit our application of the iGEM club establishment to students’ union. From now, we will get refund from our school, and we are classified into a kind of formal student scientific association. We believe that our scientific study will be more and more professional and smoother.

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