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Team:UrbanTundra Edmonton/Attributions

Urban Tundra | Intelligent Innovation



The following institutions and organizations provided our team vital support, monetarily or otherwise, that fueled our project and enabled us to compete in iGEM.


UrbanTundra_Edmonton 2016 iGEM team as our project this year was heavily based off what our team accomplished last year.

Dr. Michael Ellison and Abdullah Farooq for help with constructing the gBlocks for our construct (PcrA, PcrB, LacIQ).

Members from the UAlberta iGEM team - Ethan Agena, Farynna Facundo, Heather Baker, Monica Takla and Teresa Nguyen-Pham - collaborated with us heavily, aiding us with the following items:
Letting our team use their plate reader providing our team the purified plasmids for the test devices and controls for the InterLab Study
Allowing us to do our diagnostic digestions and gel electrophoresis of our construct in their lab
Troubleshooting our transformations

Natalie Jonk from Crowd.Science for the fundraising support and help with setting up our crowdfunding page on Crowd.Science

Emily Hicks, Julie Legault, Justin Pahara, Robert Mayall, Anam Rizvi, Patrick Wu for presentation feedback and general project guidance at the geekStarter Jamboree hosted by geekStarter.

Cesar Rodriguez, David Lloyd, Kirsten Jacobsen, Swati Carr, and Zach Wiltshire for presentation feedback and project guidance at the aGEM 2017 Competition & Workshop hosted by GeekStarter.


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