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  • Register and attend the Giant Jamboree and, of course, enjoy a fantastic summer.
  • Deliverables used to evaluate our team.
    • Our project has been documented in our Team Wiki and it will be disclosed in our Team Poster and Presentation.
    • Safety and Judging forms have been filled out according to the practices done by our Team in each part of the project.
    • The new parts made for the project have been submitted to the Registry and well documented in each Registry Part page.
  • Attributions page has been created to designate work done by each student in different aspects of the project.
  • BBa_K1742004 (PhiC31) characterization has been improved and additional information has been entered in its Registry Part page.
  • BBa_K2269017 part has been designed and well documented by our Lab team in its Registry Part page. This part is central for our project, so its characterization has empowered us to develop the whole biological design.
  • Many great bi-directional collaborations have been done in order to provide robustness to each area of our project.
  • Different and innovative approaches have been done for the purpose of spread Synthetic Biology and the benefits of ChatterPlant as a safe, responsible and good project for the world.
  • In order to know social necessities which ChatterPlant addresses, a plenty of reunions with our project stakeholders were established designing a complete workflow to maximize the impact of this project on society.
  • From empirical data and simulations, we were able to infer and predict the behavior of genetic circuits from our plants, designing the optimal performance of experiments to obtain useful conclusions.
    • See our Model web page.