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Collaborations between research teams are one of the main bases of today’s scientific world. On several occasions teams obtain precious data with the cooperation of other groups that otherwise would be almost unlikely to get. Thus they will be able to solve certain difficulties as well as help in global research.

Therefore we determined to contact with several teams in order to help them with their projects, just as to contribute spreading SynBio, and complementing also our project making it even better.


Cardiff team is moving several stimuli-induced plant promoters to Phytobricks standard. After an skype video conference, we decided to send them our pathogen inducible promoter with luciferase reporter (Pr-1a:Luciferase:Tnos). Since both teams use GoldenBraid system assembly, modularity and standardization is guarantee.


As part of their postcard exchange, we designed and sent them a postcard about ChatterPlant to deliver them to the rest of the teams who took part on this exchange. Later we received a package with several postcards of many different teams. They are all amazing! They also helped us by sending us the regulation about transgenics in Germany, which will help us in our human practices.


As we share the same native language, we ask them to take part in iGEM connecta, our YouTube channel in which we pretend expand Synbio knowledge among spanish-speaking countries. With this, they had the chance to publish a video explaining their current project so they could promote it. On the other hand, they helped us by generating new content which will be very useful to spread SynBio knowledge.


Liu took part in a city festival where normal people can discover differents projects. They thought it was a great moment to spread word about iGEM and SynBio, so they asked us to write them a short summary of our project description. In addition, the helped us by explaining us the current situation of transgenics in Sweden.


Rice wanted to divulge SynBio by sharing photos and descriptions of members of different iGEM teams in social media, as part of their #humanofsynbio promotion campaign. Alicia and Jose Antonio, members of our team, were posted on Rice iGEM facebook page. Meanwhile, we also fulfilled a questionnaire, while Rice sent us the current situation of transgenic regulation in the USA.


Utiel-Requena is land of vineyards and Ionis team wanted to gather as much information as possible about them, so they asked us if we could make the vineyards answer a survey. One of our team members lives there so he spoke with wine producers and they were happy to answer it. In exchange, they researched about transgenic regulation in France and gave us valuable information for our human practices.


Paris Bettencourt was heavily decided to help spreading SynBio knowledge and they created an Scape Room game about it. To help them in that arduous work, we helped them by translating it to spanish. Furthermore, Álvaro, played the game with a lot of people on a Juniors. Lastly, we send them an interview for greenhouses, and shortly they replied us with the results of the interviews.


As United States regulation is different than European ones, we asked Purdue iGEM team to gather data about greenhouses. We shortly received the results of the survey we sent them, and it was very useful. Afterwards we also answered them a survey about a pulmonary disease and benzene degradation.


Greece wanted to assemble a group of experts of different scientific disciplines. To achieve it one of our instructors answered them a survey and a few questions about health, ethical and environmental consequences of our work. We sent them the text, hoping it was useful for them.


We fulfilled a sweet survey about sugar and psicose.


Amazonas’ this year project it’s based on CRISPR, just like our last year project, HYPE-IT. They wanted to know what kind of difficulties we had and how was our experience working with it, so we answered them a survey in order to help them in whatever we could.


Washington realized that teams use several different ways to communicate between them, so they though in a platform to centralize them. Before that they asked several iGEM teams what resources do they use in order to establish a collaboration with others and we were happy to answer their survey.


We answered a survey about cholera, which is the main topic about their project.


We answered them a survey about methane inhibItion from iGEM collaborations page.


We sent them a survey about climate change.


Worcester was asking for help on iGEM collaborations page. They posted a survey about drinking water polluted by lead, which we fulfilled and sent them.


Being diabetes a trouble for those who suffer, Sydney studied different ways to make insulin more affordable. But that required to exhaustively know the current situation of diabetics around the world. They put on iGEM collaboration page a request to fulfill a survey about the situation in Spain, so we gathered our diabetic friends and ask them to answer it for us.