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This year students from Fine Arts University joined the Valencia UPV iGEM team for the first time looking for new creative challenges. Our project Chatterplant became even more multidisciplinary including graphic design as one of the areas of the Dry Lab.


Graphic design is the key to build effective communication. It makes possible to organize all the information and express clearly concepts and ideas. We thought it would be interesting for our project to look for a more creative and visual point of view.

Nowadays we communicate through images and graphics more than ever, therefore visual language and visual syntax have become essential for project development.

Our team worked together to build a strong visual identity and communication strategy to bring the ideas closer to people and connect better with a wider public.



“Document that includes all the necessary information for the development of a design project.”


Design the visual identity of a SynBio Project based on the development of a system that allows plant communication.


This project is aimed at a wide public that includes not only people interested in Science and Synthetic Biology, but people from all study areas.


The name of a brand is the first thing that the public will come in contact with. It is an important choice and should represent the main ideas of a project, service or company. During the naming process we considered all the information given in the briefing and researched the main concepts of the project to find the best words to define our brand.



Plant communication

Key facts

  • Plant SynBio
  • Scientific divulgation
  • Student project
  • Team Work
  • Young and fun

Key words

  • Talk, Speak. Chat, Communicate, Message.
  • Plant, Green, Veggie, Nature, Light.



Plant SynBio online platform

Key facts

  • Plant SynBio
  • Scientific divulgation
  • Experiments
  • Collaboration
  • Young and fun

Key words

  • Experiment, Lab, Scientist, Bio
  • Collaboration, Speak, Talk, Share
  • Plant, Green.


The design of Chatterplant’s logo combines three main concepts: plants, red light and hardware. The resulting image represents a geometric device inspired by our hardware Chatterbox. Moreover, different tones of red symbolize the two types of light used in the SynBio system: red and far red.


Plantlabco’s logo design is based on the ideas of community and communication between users. Although it maintains Chatterplant’s features such as typography and deep blue color, this design presents a vibrant green tone that defines a new visual identity.


Two different family fonts have been used in Chatterplant’s design to define contrast relationships and organize all the information clearly. These fonts were chosen because of their legibility and versatility.



Digital illustration has been one of the techniques used in the graphic representation of the project. This highly visual way of expressing concepts has made them more understandable and opened the project to the general public.

Narrative stories have also been created using images. Those stories have different characters in which we highlight Pedrita lab, who has become a very special Chatterplant agent.


Publicity and brand image have been communicated through social media, where they have been integrated in the posts and videos.

With the intention of sharing Chatterplant with the community, we created a social media contest, where people who uploaded a picture with their favourite plant and the hashtag #Selfieplant could win a t-shirt.


Photography work has focused on showing every step of the development of the project and present Chatterplant in a professional and clear style.