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Dr. Natalie Farny

Dr. Farney


Bio: Natalie is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the department of Biology and Biotechnology. She teaches courses in Anatomy & Physiology, Genetics, and Synthetic Biology, and directs undergraduate research projects. This is her fifth year participating in the iGEM program.

Aylin Padir

Aylin Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Biology; Global Public Health

Bio: Aylin is a rising junior pre-med student. Her involvements at WPI include the alpine ski team, Phi Sigma Sigma, and Global Brigades. In her free time she studies for the MCAT, runs, bikes, and does yoga. She also loves to travel and hopes to attend a MD/MPH (Masters of Public Health) program.

Catherine Sherman

Cat Major:Biology & Biotechnology and Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Bio: Cat is a rising sophomore involved in the Crimson Key Tour Guide Program, and Running Club on campus. Outside of class, she does yoga, swims, and cooks. Cat is also a vegetarian interested in GMO and environmental research.

Edith Sawyer

Edith Major: Biology & Biotechnology

Minor: Global Public Health; Philosophy & Religion

Bio: Edith is a rising junior. Her interests in biology are focused on the spread of infectious diseases and their influences on public health. On campus, she is involved in the Student Government Association, Phi Sigma Sigma sorority, and has experience as a Community Advisor.

Haylea Northcott

Haylea Major: Biology & Biotechnology and Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Bio: Haylea is a rising junior and is involved on campus as a Community Advisor, a member of Phi Sigma Sigma as well as a student in the Call Center. Her interests in biology rest both in genetics and neuroscience and plans to either pursue a PhD or attend medical school following her undergraduate studies.

Mike Savoie

Mike Major: Biology & Biotechnology

Minor: Media Arts

Bio: Michael is a rising junior biotechnology student. His involvement in on campus activities includes participating n model United nations and currently serves as Vice President of WPI's Biotechnology Club. His interests include guitar, film studies, and painting. In the future he hopes to study genetic engineering in regards to de-extinction science, the process of preserving and reviving extinct and endangered animals.

Locke Bonomo

Locke Major: Biology & Biotechnology

Minor: Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Bio: Locke is a rising junior with a passion for molecular biology. On campus, he participates in Biotech Club and The Alliance (LGBTQ+ group). His interests include nature, religion, and sign language. In the future, he hopes to get his MS in molecular biology and to study genetics in a research laboratory.

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