Team:Washington/Human Practices

Washington iGEM

Human Practices


This year, we had the largest team in the history of iGEM at the University of Washington, with a consistent 34 undergraduates working on various aspects of the project. For the first time, this allowed us to seriously incorporate hardware and software development as well as wetlab, and allowed us to do more engagement and human practices work than in previous years.


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Our collaborations this year center around the founding of the first high school/community lab iGEM team in Washington State.


This year, we participated in numerous outreach events to inspire students and teach them about synthetic biology.


As part of our human practices, we aimed to determine how safe, responsible, and good for the world our automated culture system will be when used in industry applications.

Gold Integrated

Because we have built our system and made our parts and software open-source, future projects in our lab or others could focus on applying our design to more specific genetic pathways.