-----* Introduction *-----

To ensure that the freeze-dried bacteria is usable, we made an accessory to check the survival of bacterial expressing BFP. You can use that to check the reference bacteria to know the condition of the bacteria in a same batch.

This accessory was made of a Arduino uno, a 1602 LCD, and TSC3200 which can convert the optical signal to current signal with a silicon photodiode array and output PWM. We can use this to detect the bacteria amount by three ranks. You can get more information about the firmware from our github. It works with a microfluidics chip and a darkroom made of PMMA, and you can get the design drawing in our wiki. More information about freeze-dried bacteria is also available in our wiki.

-----* Videos of the accessory *-----

1. Before lithography, open the lithography machine and take PMMA board to the right site.

2. Wait for lithography finishing.

3. Take out the PMMA chips.

4. Take off the paper covering the PMMA with tweezers.

5. Take off the part which should be removed to form the cells and tubes.

6. Glue different layers with acetonitrile and then put the glued chip into hot-press machine.

7. Resuscitate the freeze-dried bacteria with water.

8. Add the bacteria liquid into the chip.

9. Assemble the darkroom.

10. The using of the accessory.