-----* The world language *-----

KU Leuen

As we all know, the iGEM teams are from all over the world, even if we use English to communicate, the language barrier still cannot be ignored. Based on this reason, we cooperated with Ku Leuen team in translating other countries’ team introductions into the local language (for us are Chinese). In this circumstance, Chinese teams would grab the information more clearly, and handle cooperation more effectively.

-----* A standard protocal *-----


Recently, more and more teams selected microfluidic technology and lyophilized bacteria technology, but there were no standardized guidelines. This year, from September to October, we cooperated with the BIT team, based on our own project design, in making a micro-flow control and freeze-dried bacteria protocol. Importantly, this protocol standard can be opened freely, and we are glad if other teams would provide supplements according to their experimental data. Hopefully this standard protocol will be vital to iGEM teams as much as possible. See the protocol (Chinese only now)

-----* Lab work and modeling *-----


Because there's someting wrong with team Tongji's kits, we gave them help by sending them the plasmid of BBa_E0040, BBa_E1010 and BBa_E0020 this June.


In October, we provided help about the mathematical modeling for Lanzhou iGEMers.


We communicated about T7 amplified system with FAFU-CHINA, at the same time, illustrated our problems appearing in the experimental stage. They gave us positive solution feedbacks based on their T7 system design. Finally, FAFU and we established collaboration that they helped us test the formaldehyde promoter and T7 amplification system.

ShanghaiTech University

We have not had much experience in modeling before, while Shanghai Tech University iGEMers kindly provided us with useful advice and provided some relevant documents. Furthermore, we reached a consensus on improving our models with each other. We sincerely appreciate their help.


We collaborated with iGEMers from HFUT-China to test their software, BiodDesigner Dolphin, including searching function and other design functions. We are interested in their cited reference searching function.

-----* Meetups and Practices *-----

NCTU Formosa

This year, 5th Asia-Pacific iGEM Conference was held by team NCTU_Formosa and we participated with other over 30 teams from Asia and the U.S.

Alliance and a worldwide database

We joined an alliance led by Tianjin University which united all information and data concerning the social impact, knowledge and geographical advantages from iGEM teams involved in water pollution treatment. Some Alliance members are: Jilin-China, FAFU-CHINA, SJTU-BioX-Shanghai, SCUT-China_A, UCAS.

1st Collaborative Innovation Online-conference for iGEM

We held the 1st Collaborative Innovation Online-conference for iGEM this summer, and invited NCKU_Tainan, UCAS, SCUT-China_A, SCUT-China_B and SJTU-BioX-Shanghai, exchanging our thoughts and trying to help with each other.

-----* Gogreen *-----

Gogreenguide by TU Dresden

"Gogreen" called on us in all aspects of project process, such as the human practice, travelling plan, communication and cooperation, to uphold the concept of environmental protection, reducing unnecessary waste as much as possible. From the microscopic perspective, there were more than 300 iGEM teams per year, if every teams participated in this activity, then the influence conducted by "Gogreen" would be immeasurable.

-----* Newsletter with Calgary *-----

We collaborated with Calgary University by collecting the information of iGEM teams to publish an electronic journal, which was convenient for passing on newly information among iGEMers, where we were mainly responsible for Asian teams data collection.