-----* Environment analysis *-----

I. Macroscopic environment analysis

In recent years, the occurrence of heavy metal pollution in water is frequent, from Guangxi He river water pollution accident to enterprises in Gansu province antimony spilled into the Jialing River leakage accident, a pile of tragedy makes people realize that we must pay attention to the problem of heavy metal pollution in water. Heavy metal ions not only do harm to humans' health, but also can migrate into the food chain because they are unable to degrade. Also, heavy metal ions are easy to accumulate in organisms, when they reach a certain quantity, they will make organisms distorted or mutated and eventually lead to death. Water is the source of life, and people at the top of the food chain will become containers of heavy metal. China has promulgated relevant laws and regulations on this issue. In February 2015, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC deliberated and passed the plan of water pollution control action. Even so, heavy metal pollution is still a serious problem.

II. Microcosmic environment analysis

China faces serious food safety problems in recent years, with various food safety accidents exposed to the public. People pay more attention to food safety. They are no longer as casual as before when they buy food and think highly of nutritional indicators and quality testing indicators. Compared with a variety of food manufacturers, national unified supply of tap water seems to be reassuring. However, more and more people choose to install filter water purification devices at home in order to obtain better drinking water quality. It can be a pointer that quality requirements for daily water consumption is also rising. Despite the national supply of tap water, some poor areas in China are still using well water and even rainwater as drinking water. At present, the cost of a water sample test in China is about 500-1000 yuan, and it is difficult for individuals to bear such a high cost of detection.

-----* Market analysis *-----

I. Target market analysis

According to the characteristics of our device, our target market is mainly for outdoor activity group, water quality supervision departments and people who seek high water quality. To outdoor activity group, this device can carry out qualitative detection of heavy metals in field water and tell them whether the water can be used or not, just like a compass to the sailors. To water quality supervision departments, they can timely know the contents of heavy metals of water samples in the field sampling survey whether the heavy metal contents exceed national standard oFr not. So that they can pick fewer water samples to the laboratory and reduce their workload in the premise of not reducing the precision of detection.

To people who seek high water quality, they can detect their daily water any time and any place to make them feel at ease. When the results are bad, they can seek professional help in time.

II. Fabricating cost

The table shows the cost in laboratory, when the device put into industrial production, the cost will decline a lot.

III. Market position

The price of our device is relatively low, the volume is small. The operation is very simple, people do not need any professional knowledge and can use it easily. The device can be repeatedly used. People can know the content of heavy metals in water at home which means no need to send water samples to water quality supervision departments and pay high prices.

IV. Channel of distribution

After obtaining patent authorization, we hope to find related companies as partners who will get the right to manufacture East-Wind. At the same time, use the company's original distribution channels for online and offline sales.

V. Price

This device's price is low, but the economic benefits are strong. At the beginning of entering the market, we adopt market penetration pricing which means use a lower initial price to attract a large number of buyers in a short time, so that we can win a high market share.

VI. Charity

The ultimate goal of this device is not to earn more money, but to protect more people from the damage of heavy metal pollution in water. As mentioned above, some poor areas in China are still using well water and even rainwater as drinking water. Once one of our teammates went to an aid education activity in a back country, she was shocked. How can these children drink such cloudy water! Out of consideration of this situation, we design a plan which is called "Clean water for children in poverty". When people buy a special charity edition East-Wind, they will donate one East-Wind to the children. Of course, the price of the the special charity is higher than that of the common edition.

-----* Support *-----

We have got in touch with the First China Tree Climbing Championship Committee and got a lot of advice.

This business plan has also been sent to China College Students' Entrepreneurship Competition and Saudi Aramco Environmental Protection and Innovation Competition.