Based on this year's project, we made a device which called "East-Wind" that can detect the concentration of toxic ions in water. In order to describe this device clearly, we will introduce it in three aspects. Just as our project describes, iGEMers from all around the world can make their own East-Wind by reading introductions as follow. You can cancel, add, or change some components of the device to get your own target. It is a modularized device and it can make anything you want.

-----* Introduction *-----


Our team members are always wondering that how we can apply our project to practical problems. As we all know, synthetic biology is an engineering subject and the meaning of engineering is solving problems. With the development of genetic circuits, we naturally think of electronic engineering which can make our ideas into reality. It is awesome to combine genetic circuits and electronic circuits. That is why we persist in moving into an unfamiliar territory and making East-Wind.

East-Wind can be divided into three main parts: microfluidic chip driven by centrifugal force; three electrode system, constant voltage circuit, current-voltage conversion circuit and multi-position amplifier circuit; 3D printing shell.

And there are some other components which can be changed or replaced to get different functions.



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