Team:XMU-China/Human Practices

The toxic ions in the water will change the pH value of water, resulting in deterioration of water living environment. While the pollution intensity exceeds the capacity of self-regulating ability, it will eventually show a seriously positive feedback, leading to water pollution. According to this situation, XMU iGEMer's idea about toxic ions detection closely relates to the daily water use of citizens. In order to equip our idea with social demands, we have been practicing all through our project by conducting investigation on water toxic ion pollution and corresponding laws and regulations, visiting authority water organizations to gain a better knowledge about the water dealing methods in the state-of-art technology, interacting with public to propagate synthetic biology and learning from teams applied themselves in toxic ions theme. We divided these activities in four stages which are Laws and Regulations, Inspiration and Reality, Public and Promotion, Idea and Wisdom, respectively. We have completed Human Practices silver medal criteria, Human Practices gold medal criteria/ Best Integrated Human Practices award and Best Education and Public Engagement award.

In addition,during human practice activities, we found that national standard method always make use of the professional equipment such as atomic absorption spectrophotometry,which is exorbitant,or chemical reagents, taking silver diethyldithio-carbamate for example. To be honest, it is unachievable for small organizations as well as individuals. Nowadays, there is a huge gap referring to the portable heavy metal ion detection machine. In order to meet the demand of the public, we designed our "East-wind" based on our project, which is portable, low-cost and easy to reach large-scale production. To see the Business plan.