---------------* Gold Medal *---------------

Integrated Human Practices

We have been practicing all through our project by conducting investigation on water metal pollution and corresponding laws and regulations, visiting authority water organizations to gain a better knowledge about the water dealing methods in the state-of-art technology, interacting with public to propagate synthetic biology and learning from teams applied themselves in heavy mental.

Improve a previous part or project

We improved the project of WHU-China 2014, especially improved four of their parts, BBa_K1334005, BBa_K13340015, BBa_K1334016 and BBa_K1334017 and the system's function was confirmed. We also improved the project of XMU-China 2016 by modeling their project and improved one of their parts, BBa_K1960103.

Model your project

We have modelled our project not only in the lab work, but also human practice. You can see our models here.

Demonstrate your work

We demonstrated how our system would work in real world by designing a hardware. The function of the hardware and our project have been strictly tested. This part could also connected with the principle which you can found in the demonstrate page and the hardware page.

---------------* Silver Medal *---------------

Validated Part

We have designed 25 new BioBrick Parts this year, and all of these parts have been submitted to the Registry. We experimentally validated that our most new BioBricks worked as expect. The results can be viewed at Registry page. The main BioBricks are listed here:

BBa_K2310000, BBa_K2310001, BBa_K2310002,
BBa_K2310003, BBa_K2310009, BBa_K2310100,
BBa_K2310103, BBa_K2310107, BBa_K2310108.

For more details about our parts, you can visit our parts page.


Collaborate not only for project, but also for human practice and modeling, helping them as we could. Our collaboration can be grouped into six classes, you can click here to see more details.

Human Practices

We conducted several human practice projects around our project and synthetic biology like brochure, interview, intercollegiate communication and newsletter.

---------------* Bronze Medal *---------------

Register and attend

We have finished Register form and attended the Giant Jamboree this November!


We have meet all deliverables on the Competition Deliverables page (section 4).


We have created a separated page on our wiki showing the attribution of each aspect clearly.


We participated in the Interlab Measurement Study (you can see our result about this here) and improved the characterization of some existing BioBrick Parts (you can see results here).