This year we have designed more than 20 parts, including 4 basic parts. All of the parts are designed ourselves and most of them have been tested to insure their reliability. To see their specific function, you can click here to learn about our project, or browse the specific page on by clicking on the part numbers.

----------* Basic Parts *----------

This year we have designed four basic parts. BBa_K2310100 is our favorite basic part, which is obtained from X. luminescens and encodes LuxAB, emitting luciferase. Besides, we designed other basic parts to construct our detecting system.

Favorite Name Description Type length Designer
BBa_K2310100 LuxAB, emitting luciferase (from X. luminescens) Translational_Unit 2107bp Xuejie Zhang
  BBa_K2310900 Formaldehyde dismutase coding sequence Coding 1200bp Huiting Lin
  BBa_K2310998 Metal Binding Protein Coding 186bp Ruiqi Chen
  BBa_K2310999 Lead Binding Protein Coding 399bp Ruiqi Chen
----------* Composite Parts *----------

We have designed a series of composite parts this year, and most of them could be useful tools for constructing other devices or systems. There are also some new devices such as BBa_K2310106, BBa_K2310107, BBa_K2310108.

Favorite Name Type Description Length Designer
BBa_K2310000 Bio-signal amplifier based on T7 system Composite 2820bp Ruiqi Chen
  BBa_K2310002 GFP generator with T7 promoter Generator 903bp Mengke Li
  BBa_K2310003 LacZ-alpha generator with T7 promoter Generator 417bp Mengke Li
  BBa_K2310004 Double-repoter (LacZ-alpha and RFP) generator with T7 promoter Generator 1149bp Yulong Han
  BBa_K2310005 T7 RNA polymerase with terminator Composite 2792bp Huiting Lin
  BBa_K2310006 T7 RNA polymerase with weak RBS Translational Unit 2675bp Ke Wang
  BBa_K2310007 T7 RNA polymerase with weak RBS and terminator Generator 2812bp Ke Wang
  BBa_K2310008 T7 RNA polymerase with strong RBS and terminator Generator 2810bp Xiao Hu
  BBa_K2310009 T7 RNA polymerase generator with arsenic promoter Generator 3338bp Huiting Lin
  BBa_K2310011 GFP generator with arsenic promoter Generator 1401bp Xiao Hu
  BBa_K2310012 GFP with arsenic promoter Generator 1244bp Ke Wang
  BBa_K2310101 LuxAB generator Generator 2150bp Xuejie Zhang
  BBa_K2310102 LuxAB generator controlled by arsenic Generator 2633bp Zhongyao Zhang
  BBa_K2310103 LuxAB with T7 promoter Generator 2135bp Xuejie Zhang
  BBa_K2310104 RFP with T7 promoter Generator 889bp Wei Yang
  BBa_K2310105 T7 RNA polymerase generator Generator 2853bp Xinyue Ding
  BBa_K2310106 Arsenic Detecting Device test device Device 5494bp Xuejie Zhang
  BBa_K2310107 Amplifier test device 1 Device 3750bp Zhongyao Zhang
  BBa_K2310108 Amplifier test device 2 Device 4996bp Xuejie Zhang
  BBa_K2310901 T7 RNA polymerase generator controlled by formaldehyde Generator 3413bp Yang Liang

Because of the limited time, some of our parts could not been tested, but we still submitted most of the well-designed parts to the Registry.