-----------* Safe Project Design *-----------

Firstly, E.coli BL21 and E.coli DH5α were the only chassis when we performed the molecular cloning and expression. Our bacteria will be engineered to detect metal ions, e.g., iron and mercury. We propose to construct an intermediate to normalize the response level of various ions. An induced expression system will be used to amplify the signal response to those ions.For toxic substances, we have strict operational requirements. All the plasmids are harmless for humans and none of our parts would raise any safety issue according to the current expertise. Besides, the main part of our product is reusable.

---------------* Safe Lab Work *---------------

The building of laboratory include the location of emergency exits, emergency ventilation system, fire-fighting equipment, first aid kit and so on. Laboratory coat and gloves are necessary when entering the laboratory. All culture fluid and culture medium with bacteria were processed properly to prevent the potential biological pollution. When using arsenic-containing reagents for experiments, must wear double gloves, goggles, masks, and must operate on special test benches. We handled all the biological materials, wastes and equipments strictly following the BSL-1 requirements. Turn off the water and electricity, close window and door when we leave the lab.

---------------* Safe Shipment *---------------

We sent our BioBricks through the standard shipping process required by iGEM.