Baishan Fang

Dr. Fang is a distinguished professor in College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Xiamen University, and he is also the director of the Institution of Biochemical Engineering of Xiamen University. His research mainly focuses on synthetic biology, mining and the transformation of enzyme, construction of bio-molecular machines. He has been our PI since 2010 and his advice and equipment support are also helpful this year as ever.

Keju jing

Dr. Jing is an associate professor in the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, his research mainly focuses on amino acid dehydrogenase-catalyzed synthesis of chiral amino acids and directed evolution of glucose dehydrogenase and application of biomimetic cofactor. This is his second year participating in iGEM and working as our PI. Thanks to his suggestions and supports in theory and laboratory, we can work on our project much easier.

Student leaders

Rengwei Liu

This is his second year participating in iGEM. He majors in chemical biology, having an enthusiastic interest in nature science. He also loves classic music and literature. "Fake-out intelligence is mankind's greatest wealth."

Yuan Cheng

Fantastic of bacon./steamed crab.

Yuan Zhao

human life is ephamera,which makes it precious.

Yawen Jiang

He uesd to be a member of XMU-China 2016. As for chemistry, he is full of passion, and wants to make some contributions in the development of chemistry.


Yulong Han

A girl majors in chemistry industry and has an enthusiastic interest in Science Fiction.She wants to roam about and see all the wide world, yet she also yearn for a little sheltered nook.She keeps on trying to seek out the meaning of her own life.

Wei Yang

Majoring in clinical medicine, while loving to explore the world. A carpenter who doesn't want to be a chef is not a good painter. Willing to learn new knowledge and be more willing to make friends.

Mengke Li

I'm Mengke Li, mojoring in Biological Engineering. It's iGEM that ignites my interest in synthetic biology, which in my eyes can make anything possible. I believe iGEM has changed my life track and attached me to synthetic biologyed tightly.

Ke Wang

Ke is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Bioengineering at Xiamen University. While at XMU, she works in Prof. Fang Baishan’s lab, participating in a project about Quorum Sensing by utilizing Synthetic Biology. She also went to Lund University, Sweden as an exchange student.

Xuejie Zhang

My name is Xuejie Zhang.I am from the Xiamen University,China.My hobbies are reading books about history and humanity and swimming.So I am a sunshine boy,but a little shy.

Yunpeng Bi

As a participant in iGEM again, I will do more meaningful things, with pleasure, enthusiasm and my teammates.

Chu Chen

Chen Chu,an undergraduate majoring in Materials Science and Engineering,is a fan of soccer. The higher he soars, the smaller he appears to those who cannot fly.

Ruiqi Chen

The greater your goals, the greater the pressure you put yourself under.

Xinyue Ding

She is a girl majoring in pharmaceutical science.She loves everything good in her life and she wants to become a cute girl .

Zhongyao Zhang

I’m a senior student in the school of life science. Basketball is my favorite sport and Boston Celtics is my favorite NBA team. I’m honored to be a member of XMU-2017. The process is enjoyable. Let’s indulge in the final game!

Xiao Hu

HuXiao,a girl majors in chemical biology. She loves reading books. And she is addicted to King of Glory recently.

Yang Liang

Don't sleep, live on your nerves, never say no.

Huiting Lin

A girl majors in chemistry engineering and technology, love music and delicious food.This year,she learned a lot about synthetic biology from IGEM.

Kai Wang

Wang Kai, a man who wants to understand yesterday, tries to give a definition to today.


Yousi Fu

A doctoral student major in bioengineering. Responsible for the management of the team and giving advices on development of the project.


Kainan Chen

Participating in this year's competition would no doubt be a memorable experience for me. During the process, I've not only got more knowledge about Synthetic biology staff, but also met creative&interesting new igemers. So just feel free to click our page and contact us!

Hangjia Zhao

Hangiia Zhao, a girl who is 18 years old forever. She is always trying to have more interesting life experiences.

Jun Dai

A member from College of Life Science,who is the youngest of the team.

Yilin Ye

He is a junior student, majoring in chemistry. As an omnivorous learner, he itches a wide horizon and yearns to know more about nature.

Lijuan Zhou

She is a lovely girl, majoring in accounting. She was glad to become a member of the Xiamen University iGEM team, in the process,she not only learned a lot, but also met a lot of lovely partners.

Huizhu Huang

She is a girl who majors in urban planning and loves all fantastic things.