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iGEM 2017 Program Sponsorship & Giant Jamboree Exhibitor Opportunities

iGEM, the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition, is the premiere synthetic biology competition and home to the largest synthetic biology community in the world. In our first ten years, over 30,000 of the brightest young scientists, innovators and leaders of the 21st century have participated in iGEM. As a non-profit organization, we count on your support to help us continue to provide this unique and valuable experience to students worldwide. We have unparalleled opportunities for you to engage with our community and influence how the synthetic biology community views you.

Support the iGEM Program - Become an iGEM Partner

Partner with iGEM and support the iGEM Program. Help us provide teams with the resources and tools they need to achieve their goals. By supporting the iGEM Program, you are helping thousands of student engage in synthetic biology work and becoming a vital part of their success.

Designed specifically for Platinum Partner and Partner Sponsors, iGEM is proud to offer the unique opportunities below:
  • Innovate with iGEM: Have the next iGEM project be on your focus area with our Partner Innovation Proposals & Team Grant opportunity. Engage iGEM teams and support their work in synthetic biology. Reach all 300+ registered teams with your proposal with the help of iGEM, as your grant will be promoted in our recurring newsletter, website and social media.
    • What to expect:
      • You provide a broad issue or theme that teams can address
      • You collect, review, and select project proposals you want to support
      • You coordinate funding and support directly with selected iGEM teams (suggested funding ~$5,000 per team)
      • Have the brightest young minds in synthetic biology work on an issue important to you

  • Be an integral part of synthetic biology: Have your product or service play a vital role in advancing synthetic biology. Promote your Partner Special Offers to our global iGEM community including all iGEM 2017 teams. Reach all 300+ registered teams with your offer with the help of iGEM, as your special offer will be promoted in recurring newsletter, website and social media.

  • Be featured at the Jamboree: Increase your visibility at the event by hosting a lounge (Platinum Partner) and refreshments (Partner). Make your mark and shape the way the synthetic biology community views you.

  • Engage with the synthetic biology community: With your own wiki on the igem website, you have direct access to the iGEM community. This is your vehicle to present your Innovation Proposal & Grant opportunity and Special Offers to iGEMers and update your message through the year.

Platinum Partner

iGEM program + event sponsor

Designed specifically for the market leaders in the field, this opportunity gives you maximum exposure to our global 30,000+ member community . With personalized attention throughout the year, we will work closely with you to customize a package that best suit your needs.

Platinum Partner benefits include:
  • Personalized relationship with iGEM headquarters & leadership
  • All Partner benefits listed below

Science Giant Lounge sponsored by IDT

Science Giant Lounge sponsored by IDT


iGEM program + event sponsor

iGEM Partner sponsors are given the platform to reach out to all iGEM 2017 teams and the broader iGEM community. This opportunity allows you to connect with industry leaders and young researchers from around the globe.

Here you can engage with iGEM participants through a variety of different opportunities designed specifically for our Partner level sponsors.

Partner Benefits include:
    Pre-Event Visibility
    • Promotion of Partner Innovation Proposals & Team Grants* **
    • Promotion of Partner Special Offers**
    • Your own wiki on 2017.igem.org to promote Partner Special Offer and Grant
    • Feature callout in an iGEM newsletter to recognize sponsorship, Partner Special Offer, and/or Grant
    • Logo on iGEM recurring newsletters
    • Logo on Jamboree event main page
    • Logo displayed on iGEM competition webpage

    Giant Jamboree opportunities
    • Opportunity to host refreshments at the Jamboree*
    • Jamboree workshop (includes one 50 minute session)
    • Corporate material placement in Jamboree attendee bags
    • Jamboree Exhibitor Booth
    • Career Fair Table at Jamboree
    • Advertisement in Jamboree event booklet
    • Acknowledgement during event opening and closing ceremonies
    • 5 event passes

      * = additional support required
      ** = offer should be presented between March - May for maximum impact

Gold Sponsor


  • Jamboree Exhibitor booth
  • Career Fair Table at Jamboree
  • iGEM newsletter call-out to recognize sponsorship
  • 1- page Advertisement in Jamboree event booklet
  • Logo on Jamboree event main page
  • Acknowledgement during event opening and closing ceremonies
  • 3 event passes

Giant Jamboree Exhibitor Opportunities:

Exhibit at the Giant Jamboree. The Giant Jamboree is the culminating event of the iGEM competition season. This 5-day event, attracting over 3,000 attendees, showcases synthetic biology achievements of both collegiate and high school teams spanning various topics and interests. The Jamboree features team presentations, exhibition hall poster sessions, workshops, networking sessions, panel discussions, an award ceremony and much more!

2017 Giant Jamboree will be held on November 9-13, at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA.

Exhibitor Package


Includes Exhibitor Booth and Career Fair Table

Jamboree Exhibitor Booth

Meet with over 3,000 members of the synthetic biology community. Build brand awareness and showcase your products in synthetic biology. Held in the poster hall for maximum exposure.

Career Fair

As part of the iGEM 2017 Giant Jamboree weekend, iGEM is hosting a career fair event to help connect leaders in industry and academia with the synthetic biology community and recruit for open position or graduate programs.

  • Looking to hire? Connect with our large community of highly knowledgeable and talented participants working in synthetic biology.

  • Universities with synthetic biology programs? Promote your school, program, graduate and post-doc openings to the iGEM attendees.

Jamboree Exhibitor Package includes:
  • 2 event pass
  • Acknowledgment of your exhibitor booth and career fair table presence:
    • Event booklet
    • Event webpage
  • Exhibitor Booth:
    • Open all day throughout the Jamboree event
      • Peak times are during lunch and the evening poster sessions at approx. 6-8pm
    • approx. 10’x10’/3m x 3m space in the exhibition hall
    • 6’/ 3m table with 1 chair
  • Career Fair Table:
    • Held at the Jamboree with date and time to be determined
    • 6’/ 3m table with 1 chair



subject to availability

All attention is on you – this unique opportunity gives you the platform to address an iGEM audience of 100+ attendees all at once. Share your expertise and highlight your services and tools that advance synthetic biology work.

Workshop: What to expect:
  • 2 event passes
  • One 50 minute session during the Jamboree event weekend
  • Held in conference rooms with 100-300 pp capacities
  • Strong attendance: open to all event attendees
  • Promotion of your workshop in:
    • event booklet (must submit workshop title and description before publishing deadline)
    • Event webpage
    • Event schedule and program

To sponsor the iGEM program, the Giant Jamboree event or to learn more, please contact us at

sponsor AT igem DOT org