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Partner Special Offers for iGEM Teams

    Your Vision, Your Vectors

    FREE SureVector Next-Gen Cloning Kit

    SureVector, the world’s first modular vector system, harnesses the power of Synthetic Biology to provide quick, user-friendly customization of cloning and expression vectors. In contrast to alternative next-gen cloning technologies, SureVector offers a unique set of standard parts that can be rapidly assembled into an endless supply of custom vectors—all with a validated assembly system you can count on.

    • Fast & Flexible – Design and build any of 100,000 possible vector combinations in less than a day
    • Easy-to-Use – Assemble your vector in a 20 minute 1-tube reaction
    • Reliable & Precise – extensively optimized, tested and validated to ensure correct vector generation with standard parts that can be interchanged without loss of functionality
    • Free Online Design Tool


    This special promotion ends September 30, 2017


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