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Partner Special Offers for iGEM Teams

Synthesis has come to iGEM!

iGEM 2017 Teams receive 20 kb of FREE custom DNA from IDT!

IDT is once again graciously extending their FREE custom DNA offer to iGEM teams, offering 20 kb of DNA as gBlocks® Gene Fragments free of charge to each iGEM 2017 team! Cost is no longer a limiting factor in your research. With unprecedented access to DNA synthesis, you can now live in the future of synthetic biology; focusing on project design and characterization and not cost.

Welcome message to iGEM teams from IDT

Hear Adam Clore's, Technical Director of Synthetic Biology at IDT, welcome message to iGEM teams

Join us in thanking IDT for extending this generous offer to iGEM 2017 teams and for their
continued commitment to championing synthetic biology with iGEM.