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Partner Special Offers for iGEM Teams

    Receive 30% off All SynBioBeta Conferences!

    Offer available to iGEM Community, both past and present iGEM participants.

    SynBioBeta is pleased to offer 30% off all conference registration to the iGEM community (past and present participants) as part of our collaborative partnership with iGEM. We believe in continuing to foster an environment of collaboration and innovation in synthetic biology, and our conferences are focused on bringing the industry together several times a year to discuss key developments and advancements. Our two main yearly conferences include SynBioBeta London (April 4-6) and SynBioBeta San Francisco (October 3-5).

    To learn more about SynBioBeta and receive your 30% discount code click here or go to https://goo.gl/OOPVfq.

    Past events

    SynBioBeta London: April 4-6, 2017

    Upcoming events

    SynBioBeta San Francisco: October 3-5, 2017