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This year, we had cooperated closely with NYMU-Taipei Team, a team which has joined iGEM for long time, and CSMU_NCHU_Taiwan team, which just iGEM for the first time. We worked together and shared experimental experience.

NYMU Holin-Endolysin NrtA system test

We helped NYMU team test Holin-Endolysin NrtA system, a suicide system induced by lactose. By adding different concentration of lactose, they can determine whether the kill switch works and how the efficiency of different lactose concentrations effect on this system. (Figure 1)

Figure 1 Experiment result

In 2016, CCU_Taiwan iGEM Team was formed and determined to participate2017 iGEM competition. Since it is our very first time participating iGEM, we did not have enough experience. At this time, NYMU-iGEM Team had given us many valuable suggestions and experiences. So that we successfully formed our team, CCU_Taiwan. In addition to helping us created our own iGEM team, they also taught us how to run Fusion PCR (Figure2, 3 and 4) and the Photo-Bioreactor function through webcam.

Figure 2                                                                                                Figure 3

Figure 5

Also during the 2017 iGEM Taiwan Conference and the 5th Asia-Pacific iGEM Conference, we both gave some suggestions, thoughts and the experiment methods to each other, helping improve each other projects. With those meaningful discussing time, both of us could completed our own plans successively.

CSMU_NCHU_Taiwan Fusion protein MSMEG5998 SDS-PAGE

We helped CSMU_NCHU _Taiwan team to measure the concentration of MAMEG5998 in the supernatant and pellet to test the solubility of our recombinant enzyme. This experiment can help them implied the efficiency of Thioredoxin. We did SDS-PAGE and Western blot check their data.

Figure 5 :Result

CSMU_NCHU_Taiwan team gave some advices on plasmid recombination, telling us that DNA is poorly cut by fast digestion, which makes it hard to ligate and causing low efficiency of transformation. So they suggested us that NEB should be used since it cuts the DNA much better. And it actually worked! We are very thankful for CSMU_NCHU_Taiwan for this advice.

Other collaboration & contact

We are very honored to meet up with Missouri University of Science and Technology iGEM Team advisor Dr. David J. Westenberg. As a team which has just established for not a long time, this is a very rare and precious opportunity to have international experience sharing regarding iGem.
Special thanks to Dr. David for giving us such valuable advices on both team building and project choosing.
We all surely have had a beautiful and fulfilling time together.

We were very glad to have CSMUxNCHU iGEM Team and Mindao iGEM Team visit us at the beginning of summer. That day, we exchanged a lot of ideas about each other projects, and helped each other point out their advantage and disadvantage. And thanks you Mingdao iGem Team teacher to tell us, the newbies, many important tips in synthetic biology, let us operate better in our gene design.

This day, we participated in The 3rd Taiwan Epigenomics Symposium and International Conference on Systems Biology held in our school, Cheng Chung University, CCU. We made acquaintance with many scholars. They helped us check for our project and gave suggestion to solve the problem we encounter.

We are very honored to meet the CEO of 新芽company Mr. Ully and Mrs. Victoria and could have them discussing about our project and our product. During these hours, we learned a lot of information about the markets of dental technology and understand what we have to consider, what we have to improve from the perspective of profession.

We are really glad to know that NCHU would like to found a new team next year! They contacted us because we’re the first time to join iGEM in CCU this year, so we shared our experience with them.
We are very excited to see new team participating in iGem! We hope to see them in 2018 Jamboree.

There are a lot of thing for newbies to learn when joining an unknown field. We appreciated NTCU_Formosa to offer us so many helps. From the moment we tried to found our team, we received experiments training, online lecture such as modeling and gene design from NTCU_Formosa. Without those help, we wouldn’t have operated so smoothly and wouldn’t have become what we are now!

Since we decided to aim for entrepreneur special prize. We challenged MIT mini bootcamp, an intense two-day entrepreneurship training experience. From here, we grasped a better idea of how to start up a company.

Funding is a hardcore issue since this is our very first year take part in this iGem. In addition to teacher and the school support, we are looking forward to get sponsors outside the school. And we are very thankful that the school help us contact some of these sponsors and the alumni.

2017 North Conference, the first iGem conference in Taiwan in 2017! We got to learn about everyone projects and exchanged idea to each other. Also we established our friendship so that we might be able to collaborate in the future.

2017/07/20 IONIS-PARIS 2017 iGEM team
It’s great that we got to have an online chat with IONIS_PARIS 2017 iGem Team. As usual, we exchange ideas regarding our projects and hoping that we can collaborate, helping each other solve the problem we encounter.

2017/07/20 BIT
BIT is one of a team that we get along with. Since the foundation of the team in 2016, we had known BIT 2016 and establish our long lasting friendship. We continue to keep in touch with BIT 2017 and support each other. It is a pity that we couldn’t meet each other in Taiwan. Still, we are looking forward to see them in the Jamboree.

CGU_Taiwan is also one the team that we get along with. We helped each other to check for our gene designs and are very grateful for CGU_Taiwan for giving us many great tips regarding molecular technology. This help us avoid many mistakes!

Asia Conference, an annual event that iGem team from overseas, including China, Japan, America, etc take part it. In this five days, each team took turn to deliver their presentation and Q&A. This helped us demonstrate what it is going to be like in the Jamboree and had us prepared for it!

2017/08/15 iGEM peshwar Pakistan
Peshwar Pakistan is truly an interesting iGem team. They got the idea of creating reporter fish to detect heavy metal by using synthetic biology. After exchanging our idea, we took our time to chat about our cultures. And we taught them one of our popular gesture for expressing “Awesome”!

2017/08/29 & 2017/09/02
Patent is no doubt one of the most essential thing during entrepreneurship. So we paid a visit to IP (intellectual property) legal commissioner and Ministry of Economic Affairs Patent Bureau’s member to inquire them about patent and everything we need to know about it.

We are honored to be able to attend NYMU_Taipei iGem 10 years celebration fair. They shared us their precious moments and achievements throughout 10 years. Then, we went to the place we visited when we first come to NYMU, and took a memorial picture.