Microplastics are everywhere

Together we can make a change

The Project

Microplastics are everywhere. They are a result of mindless consumption and inappropriate disposal of plastics. It has been shown that they are associated with several different toxic chemicals that can cause damage to living organisms. We are developing a method that will map their presence.

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Human Practices

Our method is just part of the solution. Real change can only be achieved if everyone decides to put their mind to it. The environment is sensitive and needs to be treated with respect if we want it to prevail. We spent the year sharing our passion for sustainability to inspire and encourage a more ecoconscious mindset.

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Mathematics is the language of all science. It is an indispensable tool to understand how something works and give it proper context. With the power of modern computers, even complex networks and systems can be illustrated with ease. We constructed a mathematical model that simulated our project to help us better understand how to apply it.

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