A Bottle Of Algae "Wine"
Producing ethanol from algae

This year OUC-iGEM focuses on the efficient use of cellulose. We are concerned about the utilization of Enteromorpha as a hot local issue. Every year a large quantity of Enteromorpha are salvaged ashore. The utilization, however, remainds still in the initial stage . Compared to the traditional strategy of using terrestrial plant cellulose, the ingredient of lignin in large seaweed is rather low, which can lead to a better degradation.So it will be a great idea to produce new energy from Enteromorpha.
Our project can be devided into 3 parts:

Adhesion platform

E. coli and yeast is to adhere to each other and form a multi-cell unit, expanding the biological function of engineered cells.


We aim to make use of cellobiose and xylose produced from algae residue and turn them into ethanol---our Enteromorpha wine! Resveratrol is added to our wine to make it better for health.


We synthesize mini promoters in yeast, which have very concise sequences. In this way, we look forward to making our own contribution to the standardization of yeast!


Gold Medal

Best New Basic Part

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