Human Practices

Tying it all together

Human Practices

Silver Human Practices

Our sensor has the potential to reduce the mortality rates of all kinds of diseases through early diagnosis. We investigated how it would be used effectively in a clinical environment.

In addition, we discussed our design with as many experts and members of the general public as possible - so we could get their opinions and, at the same time, improve public understanding about synthetic biology and its possibilities in the field of diagnostics.


Synthetic biology is incredible. We took every opportunity to teach others about it and our project. We have have hosted regular events to engage the public in our work, iGEM and synthetic biology. This year we had a stand at a number of open days, gave several talks, held an iGEM open evening and also held numerous workshops for younger boys at our school.

High School Guide

We asked high school teams about what problems they faced when trying to enter iGEM, and how they overcame them. We recognize it is a daunting task for any high school to enter iGEM, having done it ourselves. Without expertise, all the relevant equipment and funds, entering iGEM can be extremely difficult. However, as it is such a rewarding experience, we hope that this guide will encourage future high school teams to enter and succeed in iGEM.

Gold Integrated Human Practices

From our initial idea, the design of our toehold switches and our model to the future applications of our project, the opinions of specialists have been vital in influencing our work.

On this page we have broken our project down into its different parts. For each, we explain the role feedback played in improving the aspect of the project, and why we changed what we did.


All lab work carries some risk - to us, to others and to the environment. In line with iGEM regulations, English law and good ethical practice, we have worked to minimize these risks wherever possible. Below are the different aspects of our project, and how we have reduced their risks. From our biological lab work, creating our hardware to building our software tools and considering the future implementations of our project, we have assessed it all.