The achievements of this year would not have been possible without all the support we received from various companies and organisations. We want to thank all our sponsors for providing us with consumables and financial support and therefore making our project possible. Furthermore, we would like to thank all the groups contributing to our project with their professional advice and support in various forms.

Cell sorting

Cell sorting was performed by Efthimia Yousefi at the Toolbox - BIOSS, University Freiburg - Klaus Geiger and Jan Bodinek at the CCI, University Clinic Freiburg. We want to thank all three for handling our cells with great care and for devoting their valuable time to our project. Furthermore, we want to express our gratitude to the Toolbox and the CCI for enabling us to use their services.


Svenja Kemmer from AG Timmer - Institute of Physics, University of Freiburg - contributed to our model. For the indispensable advice and the optimization we are sincerely grateful.



The BIOSS - Centre for Biological Signalling Studies - gave us the chance to participate in the iGEM competition and provided us with funding, our own lab, and equipment. For this opportunity and support we are sincerely grateful.


A special thanks goes to Dr. Nicole Gensch, head of the Toolbox, and her team. We want to thank Dr. Nicole Gensch for her patience and constant advice concerning all problems we were facing.

AG Schamel

We want to thank the AG Schamel, BIOSS Freiburg, for providing us the opportunity to work in their S2 lab, personal training and constant advice concerning lentiviral transduction and design of knockdown plasmids. Furthermore, we want to thank Prof. Wolfgang Schamel for supporting our project in every aspect and for joining our advisory team.

AG Ulbrich

A great thanks goes to Dr. Maximilian Ulbrich for the support and discussions, which often directed our focus in the right direction.

AG Cathomen

We had the opportunity to conduct an interview with Prof. Dr. Toni Cathomen. He and his team supported us with expertise, plasmids and an insight into the clinical context of our project. Hereby we want to express our deep appreciation.

University of Freiburg

The university of Freiburg supported us in various ways. In particular we want to thank Prof. Dr. Thorsten Friedrich and the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Bettina Warscheid and the Faculty of Biology, Prof. Dr. Kerstin Krieglstein and the Faculty of Medicine, the Foundation and Alumni of the University Freiburg for supporting us financially. In addition we want to express our gratitude to AG Albers, AG Brummer, AG Cathomen, Darren Ó hAilín from AG Carro, AG Friedrich, AG Hiltbrunner, AG Ott, AG Pyrowolakis, AG Reth, AG Römer, AG Schamel, Dr. Tim Kunkel, AG Warscheid, AG Weber, Dr. Ute Wölfle form the Clinic of Dermatology and Venereology for the material, sequencing credits and advice we received.

Other supervisors

We want to express our gratitude for the advice and support we received from our immediate supervisors Julika Neumann, Katharina Ostmann, Philipp Schwenk, Danja Steinberg, Lara Stühn and Nathalie Wössner. Without you our project and success would have been impossible!

Stefan Krämer and Sabine Bognar from the iGEM Freiburg Team 2015 gave useful tips concerning the external wiki. We are very thankful for your support!