Team:Hamburg/Applied Design

Applied Design

Worldwide the usage of antibiotics becomes less and less responsible: Patients who do not take their medication properly, farmers feeding vast amounts of antibiotics to their livestock and to contaminations due to unsafe production centers the overall contamination with antibiotics of our planet proceeds quickly. This is getting more and more dangerous for a very simple reason: evolution.

Bacteria develop resistances against our antibiotics and not only very fast because of their high proliferation rate, but also because they can perform horizontal gene transfer. The rising number of resistances makes it absolutely mandatory to develop new antibiotics.

We approached the problem from many different points of view with an interdisciplinary team of chemists, nanoscientists, biologists and biochemists combining their knowledge to develop the parts. Our part collection is designed to produce a new antibiotic class using synthetic biology that could be produced at low cost if applied in bioreactors. Using this method the medication could be affordable for a wide range of the world's population.