• Most forgettable name: Julian
  • Least lab attendance: Tim
  • Most seminar attendance: Shanti (You better attend the seminars if it is your duty to guide through them.)
  • Best food organisator: Guillermo (If you want to have a BBQ or need something else food related just ask him!)
  • Most orderly: Valerie (While Valerie was with us she took care of everything that requires a good structure, she labelled our lab, made sure the labbook is in order and produced vast amounts of promotion texts. Since she left us to continue her studies in Freiburg, we are completely lost.)
  • Most labtime: Alina (Alina's lab attendance is relentless, no matter if it is day or night if she is well or not you will always find her in the lab)
  • Most latecomer: Elli (Well Elli quickly became notorious for coming late and for her coffee consumption )
  • Biggest beard: Kutte (Obviously! He has more facial hair than all of us combined :D)
  • Most acquired gains during labwork: Morowski (Ordering his pure cysteine on purebulk! Lifting heavy flasks and such to gain as much as possible.)
  • Biggest family: Phyllis (She is the queen of four bee colonies!!! ;) )