The E.coli MG-1655 utilized in our prior experiments were accorded by Huazhong Agricultural University.


Our project and rate of progress have been contributed to the Newsletter held by Xiamen University to seek for the potential collarboration.


We worked with the team to conduct a discussion on the biosafety of the cell factory and we sorted out a report!(Click here to learn more!)


They assisted us with their advice cooresponding to the metabolic flow modeling


1.This is the first time for NWU-China to participate in iGEM. And as a peer university, we have provided some relevant guidance and assisstance for their preparation and experiment.
2. We provided a plate reader to NWU-China for their Interlab Measurement to help them complete the experiment.
3. We appreciate NWU-China for their building a standardized biological component for us. Part number: BBa_K2347004


We have managed to construct two kinds of E.coli MG-1655 whose gene lacI and sdiA are respectively knocked out.


Assisted with the construction of plasmid and some parts.


Accorded with the promoter, terminator and plasmid vector utilized for S.cerevisiae.