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After culturing our control yeast strain, one with a full MFE-2 gene knockout and one wild-type, it appeared there was not enough separation in the flasks to indicate enough sophorolipid yield. Unforeseen issues with primer design as well as fusion PCR delayed the microbial genetics committee by a few weeks. A new protocol was created by Dr. Gross and was implemented from November 3 through November 9. Final results were presented by the team at the Giant Jamboree.

Preliminary Results

Below are previous Sophorolipid LCMS Data collected. This data will no longer be used. Final data to be presented at the Jamboree.

Below are the final data as presented at the Giant Jamboree. Our data demonstrate that selective modification of the Starmerella bombicola (yeast) MFE-2 gene improves the efficiency of sophorolipid production.