Team:SCU China/HP/Silver


"Human Practices is the study of how your work affects the world, and how the world affects your work."

——————————————— Peter Carr, Director of Judging

      Our project this year originated from a real social issue in our life, and we dedicated to ensure that “Our projects are safe, responsible and good for the world.”
      In pursuit of that goal, Human Practice connects us with the society and maps our research to the real world. Our Human Practices could be further divided into 3 Acts: Survey (about the real world scenario and interviews with experts), Meet-ups (communicating with other iGEMers), Engagement (science popularizing [sessions]). Next, we invite you to join us and learn more about how our work affects the world, and how the world affects our work.



      This year, we conducted a random questionnaire and a non-random questionnaire to investigate the realities of the public’s and a particular population’s sleep status and acceptance degree of melatonin. According to the results of these questionnaires, we realized that the sleep problem has been a common problem in the modern society, and it’s high time to solve this problem and promote the public awareness of healthy sleep. In addition, melatonin could be a hit into the market with proper conduct propaganda, and the particular population who often worked the night shift may be our major potential customer. "learn more…"


Consulting With Experts

      We interviewed a researcher, Dr.Zhang, who works in West China Sleep Medicine Center to do some research about melatonin and sleep, to confirm how much would melatonin help for our sleep. And he also gave us some advice on project design. In order to know the safety and the market value of melatonin, we sent an email to Mr.Lan, who works in Chongqing Food and Drug Administration. "learn more…"

Meet Up


      China iGEM Southwest Union(iSWU) meet-up was held by the team “SCU-WestChina” in the beginning of project determination this year, which was aimed at enhancing allied communication and cooperation on project design. In this iSWU, we discussed the project design of that time with other teams deeply, which played an important role in our project design and determination. "learn more…"



      To communicate with other iGEM teams and get more reliable resources, we attended 2017 Conference of China iGEMer Community (CCiC) hosted by team “FAFU-China” in Fuzhou. In this meet-up, we knew what others had focused on, what they had done and what they could do to help us. On the other hand, we also provided them with some suggestions which might give them a hand. "learn more…"


Community Class

      Our team have been to summer trusteeship school in local area to organize a community class for children to introduce our iGEM team and knowledge about sleep. In this community class, we stressed the importance of sleep to children, and informed them when is the best time to sleep as well as how long they need to sleep per day via some interesting activities. "learn more…"



      In order to make the visitors understand what is transgenic technology and get some advice about our project from them, SCU_WestChina contacted TMMU-China, UESTC-China and us to held an exhibition whose topic was "genetic modification and health" in Chengdu Library. "learn more…"



     In September and October, We hosted the Sichuan University 2017 Architects Competition of Microorganism Application (ACMA): Human /Animal Health to generalize synthetic biology in our university. "learn more…"