Team:TP-CC San Diego/Collaborations


University of California, San Diego

We were fortunate to be able to collaborate with the UCSD iGEM team. Hoping to learn more about their project, we contacted them to set up a time to meet. Both teams were able to gain from this experience. Competing at the collegiate level, UCSD’s team provided us with tips and tricks to make our iGEM team as successful as possible. We, in turn, discussed our projects. They advised us on the transfection of our ecDNA and we informed them on the competition and how to improve their project for presenting. This experience was extremely beneficial to both of us and have future dates set up to discuss our respective projects even further.


A couple members from the Columbia University's iGEM Team met with our team in order to discuss our projects and share ideas about putting our projects together. The Columbia iGEM Team mentored us by helping write our abstract, edit our writing, and look over our website. One of the Columbia team members is an alum of the TP-CC San Diego Team before going to Columbia University, so he was able to help move our team forward. Our meeting was very informative for all team members and also helped us get a glimpse into an Undergraduate iGEM Team. This was a part of our Human Practices effort to connect with teams from different places across the country.

University of Nebraska

We participated in a University of Nebraska Survey.


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