Team:TP-CC San Diego/HP/Silver

Human Practices

How to Make an iGem Team Website

As part of the TP_CC San Diego Human Practices effort to reach out to others, we created a website dedicated to helping high school students start an iGEM team at their school. Knowing how difficult it is to keep a high-school iGEM team running, the Human Practices group felt that it would be beneficial to give others a basic guide on successfully establishing an iGEM team at their school. On the website, titled “How to Start an iGEM Team at Your High School”, we included information on topics such as starting a team, basic team structure, fundraising, and choosing a project idea. This website makes the process of starting a team much more straightforward and organized and is accessible to high school students around the globe. We feel that iGEM is a great way to increase depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in the field of synthetic biology and want to give everyone a chance to be a part of the organization.


The iGem team and Monsanto discussed synthetic biology and the benefits of microbial organisms. Specifically, we went over the benefits of GMOs to the environment, giving us a greater insight on the ethical aspect of synthetic biology. We also presented to them on what IGEM is and gave a quick overview about our project. We discussed the possible future implications the project can have on society. Furthermore, the IGEM team was given a tour of the facilities. In addition, Monsanto has given a generous sponsorship to the IGEM team for our efforts.