Team:UCL/Composite Part

Composite Parts

Composite parts

Part Purpose

BBa_K2332050: Intimin’-SpyTag

Cell surface display of SpyTag (constitutively)

BBa_K2332051: Intimin’-SpyCatcher

Cell surface display of SpyCatcher (constitutively)

BBa_K2332052: Intimin'-GFP-SpyTag

Cell surface display and visual localization of of SpyTag

BBa_K2332000: GFP-SpyTag

For visual localization of SpyTag (constitutive expression)

BBa_K2332054: GFP-SpyCatcher

For visual localization of SpyCatcher (constitutive expression)

BBa_K2332001: pBlind-GFP

Blue light inducible expression system with GFP reporter

BBa_K2332005: EL222

Photosensitive DNA-binding protein for blue light transcriptional induction

BBa_K2332011: Pblind Intimin’-SpyTag

Blue light inducible expression of Intimin'-SpyTag

BBa_K2332014: Pblind Intimin’-SpyCatcher

Blue light inducible expression of Intimin'-SpyCatcher

BBa_K2332040: Pblind-Intimin'-GFP-SpyTag

Blue light inducible cell surface display of SpyTag for visual localization

BBa_K2332041: Pblind-GFP-SpyCatcher

Blue light inducible expression of GFP-SpyCatcher for visual localization

BBa_K2332000: Pblind-GFP-SpyTag

Blue light inducible expression of GFP-SpyTag for visual localization

BBa_K2332042: GFP-mutSpyCatcher (Lys31X)

Photocaging fluorescent SpyCatcher for UV-induced visual localization

BBa_K2332025: Intimin'-mutSpyCatcher (Lys31X)

Photocaging SpyCatcher for UV-induced cell aggregation

BBa_K2332003: tRNA-Pyl (pyIT)

Photocaging with pyrrolysine (Ne-methyl-L-lysine)

BBa_K2332021: Pblrep-LuxCDABE

Blue light repressible bioluminescence

BBa_K2332313: E-cadherin coding device

Mammalian cell-adhesion