Basic parts

Part Purpose

BBa_K2332002: PBlind promoter

Promoter activated by EL222 (BBa_K2332004) upon blue-light exposure (465nm)

BBa_K2332004: EL222

Light-sensitive DNA binding protein

BBa_K2332010: Intimin'-SpyTag

Cell surface display of SpyTag

BBa_K2332012: Intimin'-SpyCatcher

Cell surface display of SpyCatcher

BBa_K2332017: GFP-SpyTag

For visual localization of SpyTag

BBa_K2332030: Intimin'-GFP-SpyTag

Cell surface display and visual localization of of SpyTag

BBa_K2332031: GFP-SpyCatcher

For visual localization of SpyCatcher

BBa_K2332032: Photocaged GFP-SpyCatcher

Photocaging and visual localization of SpyCatcher

BBa_K2332015: Photocaged Intimin'-SpyCatcher

Photocaging SpyCatcher for UV-induced cell aggregation

BBa_K2332019: PBLrep promoter

Blue light repressible promoter

BBa_K2332020: LuxCDABE

Bacterial luminescence

BBa_K2332311: PhoCl

Mammalian photocleavable linker

BBa_K2332312: E-cadherin (Preproprotein)

Cell-cell adhesion

BBa_K2332314: E-cadherin-PhoCl Fusion

Light-activated cell-cell adhesion

BBa_K2332315: Plasma membrane delivery system

Coding gene for expression of target protein on the cytosolic leaflet of the plasma membrane and its photo-activated release into the cytoplasm (test construct for BBa_K2332317)

BBa_K2332316: dCas9-p65

Programmable transcription factor for reporter/target gene activation (test construct for BBa_K2332317)

BBa_K2332317: Photoactive dCas9-p65 (siLACE system)

Light-activated programmable transcription factor