Bake Sale


Our first outreach activity was baking lots of delicious cakes to raise money for our project (£133!) and to speak to other researchers in the building about our project and where they thought we could improve.

Brigitte's blog


Chris and Vik went to speak to Brigitte Nerlich, who writes fantastic blog posts about the weird and wonderful things that happen in the scientific world. You can read the blog post by clicking this link.

People Like Us Event


Natalia and Ellie led a session where they taught 60 year 8 girls how to extract DNA from strawberries using everyday reagents. This event was to encourage young girls to interact with and consider science as a career option later. We had plenty of questions about what our degrees involved and what we do on a daily basis in the lab. We even got asked whether we could mush up a human finger and extract DNA from that instead of strawberries... scary stuff!

University Open Days


Jake and Ellie went down to the open days on campus to talk to people about routes into synthetic biology, what iGEM is and how to get involved, and about our project. We had some incredibly bright young people very excited about the possibilities of synthetic biology and genetic engineering so this was incredibly rewarding for us!

Fun Palaces


In early October, Chris had a great time chatting to local people about our project at Fun palaces 2017 Mansfield Museum! He got a lot of people excited about science by using food colouring, jellyfish and games to demostrate the idea of different fluorescent colour measurements of our bacteria and how our project works. Nice job Chris!

Tech Nottingham


Vik and Georgette went to a social event called Tech Nottingham, where they gave a presentation on our project and had a great time chatting to people about our project and getting feedback on our idea.




Key.Coli Arcade



You can Play all our games below at The games are not part of our wiki, but represent some of our outreach.

The Key



    Play "The Key" a post apocalyptic game inspired by the problems with current non-biological keys.

    It is a point and click adventure inspired by old school games of the 80s and 90s. Can you discover the secrets of the iGEM Vault? You can doom or perhaps save the world, depending on your actions in this multiple ending epic.

    Plague Inc: Custom Scenario


    Play our custom scenario called "The Plasmid" for a fun look at what a future involving a highly exaggerated plasmid might involve. Search "Plasmid" in the custom scenarios menu

    Fluorescent Arcade


      Play the life of a competent bacteria stuck in an agar plate, and see your powers grow as you collect DNA to form the "Key.Coli" Plasmid. Re-colour the dark world of microbes with your proteins, and avoid the nasty contamination of other bacteria. There are infinite levels to play and a highscores table! Tweet us your scores.

      Nott Portal


      It's finally here! Return to Aperture Science and uncover the secret of the ill-fated Key.Coli project in this full 3D fan sequel of Portal 2. Travel through new puzzles. Meet new characters: from lost scientists to a cybernetic talking fish. Escape Aperture: Key.Coli division laboratory before it's too late!

      Download Nottportal Alpha 1.01 here

      Please note: The project belongs to Valve Corp and the developers of the original games. This is a fan work. All rights are reserved.