Medal requirements

We worked hard and, along the way, managed to complete several requirements for iGEM medals.

Bronze requirements

Register and attend

We registered, and we will attend to the Giant Jamboree!


We checked the boxes and timelines carefully! We also extended the Safety forms with a nice discussion on our Safety page


Our team work and attributions was summarized in our attributions page

Characterization / Contribution

We contributed to the InterLab study, while doing some interesting improvements along the way. Check it here!

Silver requirements

Validated Part / Validated Contribution

Among our diverse approaches, we highlight the validation of a Lactate Detector as this metabolite is changed in human blood upon malarial infection. We hope that it will be useful for other iGEMers working with metabolite detection in the future.


We collaborated intensively with teams from Brazil and around the world. Check it on our Collaborations page

Human Practices

We organized a national iGEM meetup, engaged community in SynBio education, talked with experts and much more. Check it on our Human Practices page!

Gold requirements

Integrated Human Practices

We talked to a variety of public health, legislation and research specialists, summarized in our Integrated Practices page. Without those inputs, the development of our project would not have been the same!

Improve a previous part

Besides developing concepts by EPFL 2010 team, we have improved part BBa_K1639001 by modeling its triggering response and pSB1C3 plasmid, by cloning it into our chassis. We even translated and applied a game developed by the Exeter 2016 iGEM team!

Model your project

We developed a basic framework of how to model paratransgenesis, taking into account the most important parameters. Check it here

Demonstrate your work

We have shown that Paratransgenesis and Synthetic Biology can be integrated with success, validating proof-of-concept circuits in E. coli and P. agglomerans and safely testing our genetically modified chassis in mosquitoes