Improvement of Pre-existing iGEM Part

    We attended the 4th CCiC hosted by FAFU in Fuzhou of Fujian province, China. By presenting our project and displaying our poster with other about 50 teams of China, we got many inspirations and also realized a lot of problems in our project. We closely communicated with FAFU-iGEM about transformation in B. megaterium and talked a lot about wastewater treatment with JLU-iGEM. Not only have we established great relationship with many teams such as FAFU-iGEM, JLU-iGEM and LZU-iGEM, we received many precious suggestions from HQs as well.

2017 Communication of iGEMers in Central China(iGEM-cherry)

    We, together with iGEMers from HZAU and NCTU, participated in the communication organized by HUST-iGEM in August in Wuhan, China. Everyone openly shared their ideas and the difficulties they faced before this summer vacation. Besides, we were all entertained a lot in the knowledge contest about iGEM and enjoyed ourselves in having delicious lunch!

FAFU-China: Soil Sample testing and Transformation in B. megaterium

    This year, we collaborate with FAFU-iGEM a lot. We received the protocol of electroporation for B. megaterium from FAFU and gave them the protocol01 of protoplast transformation for B. megaterium. Afterwards, we helped them to complete the analyzation of the three organic acids in six soil samples using HPLC and they helped us in transferring some plasmids into B. megaterium by protoplast transformation and verifying the function of our bricks. We visited their labs during the CCiC, and discussed a lot about using the B. megaterium as an engineering strain, its potential applications and related drawbacks.


China University Alliance: Safety Video

    We joined the China University Alliance for propagandizing Biosafety by making safety videos with other 10 teams of China, including SHTU,AHUT,BNU,UESTC,FAFU,HZAU and other universities. We took charge of the part concerning to safe operation of experimental apparatus with BNU-iGEM.This video collection has been uploaded online and is freely available at our homepage on YouTube and Bilibili, a popular Chinese video-sharing website.

Teams participated the production:

LJU-iGEM, ZJU-iGEM: Interlab

    We received lots of experimental guidance about interlab from JLU-iGEM. After we finished analyzing data of interlab, we discussed a lot with iGEMer from ZJU-iGEM.

SCU: Transformation Protocol

    We offered a protocol of electroporation in Bacillus subtilis to SCU-China and they expressed thanks to us in their presentation in CCiC.