Collaborations 1. Biosafety Biosafety education video in Chinese Biosafety is one of the most important issues everyone should be aware of before starting any biology related experiments. However, the biosafety education in China is far behind the fast development of modern biological research. In some places, students are not trained properly because of the outdated education material or the language barrier that prevent them from reading biosafety guidelines written in English. We’ve participated in an intercollegiate collaborating project to produce a series of biosafety education movies, all in Chinese. This video collection has been uploaded online and is freely available at our homepage on YouTube and Bilibili , a popular Chinese video-sharing website. Teams participated the production: 2. Amsterdam 3. Mutual help 1. This year we had a deep communication with Hubei University of Technology about Interlab and many other aspects. 2. We provided the parts of promoters with series strength, reporter fluorescent protein, E.coli BL21 strain and E.coli MG1655 strain for Northwestern Polytechnical University iGEM team. 3. We would like to thank Peking University iGEM team for giving us parts containing FKBP and FRB, and helping us with microfluidics.