Silver HP 1. Public (1) On August 25th , our team members took part in CCiC (Conference of China iGEMer Community) and made live online broadcast of the meeting.The live video streaming went well andthe total number of online visitors reached 1993. We saved the video for rebroadcasting the parts which audience don't understand. It can help the new iGEMers to know what is iGEM,and  facilitate them to understand past projects. (2) Combining the previous experience , we held the academic salon with the theme of "light control".Nearly 50 iGEM teams and students interested in synthetic biology participated in. We adopted online live and offline salon to organize activities. And discuss the theme “Light and Control in Synbio” warmly. (3) In order to expand the influence of HZAU-iGEM, we make presentation about the iGEM game and our project this year. At the same time, we also further expand the IGEM awareness, let more people know about synthetic biology. 2. Product design We will make our design a product. Firstly, for the basic research of scientific researchers can easily use it, maximize the controlling effect as much as possible via synthetic biology method; the second is to industrial production, reduce energy consumption and enhance economic efficiency. (1) In industrial applications, we are also pursuing the optimal solution of the synchronization method as much as possible. Economic efficiency in industry is a significant factor. Product feedback is also the core of our human practice and project design-how to reduce the cost of synchronization and how to reduce our product costs further. (2) We have further studied the positioning of our products in the laboratory level. The questionnaire showed that more researchers have a tendency to buy product that containing both kit and device. So we will make effort in combining kit and device for the popularize our future product. 3. Safety (1) We cooperated with 10 Chinese iGEM teams to make the biosafety video, aiming to promote the awareness of the importance of laboratory safety. Our microfilm is "recombinant and synthetic gene related matters" .
(2) We also invited teachers to help us make our laboratory safety training for the team memebers. The laboratory hold a meeting about Biosafety. 4. Meet up To better improve our project, we attended three meetings. (1) After the central China iGEM team`s meeting, we summarized problems emerged at the beginning of the competition, and made corresponding countermeasures. By holding a series of brainstorming, we finally determined our project. (2) During the exchange meeting with Peking University, we discussed the obstacles encountered during the experiment and borrowed the microfluidic devices for the future experiment. For the problems existed in the Internal construction, we learnt from the pattern of Peking University. After the meeting, we carried out the reform of our team’s internal system, and made it worked more efficiently. (3) In CCiC, we communicated with other teams and learnt their projects. They are interested in our project, for which we are more confident for our idea for cell synchronization. We got some advice on how to DIY optical control devices, which will helpful for the design of our hardware.