Zhujun Xia
I'm Shane, the most brilliant member in the lab. Our team members call me teacher Xia, because I taught many freshmen to do experiment. My idol is Jennifer Doudna. I take charge of work in wet lab where I met many interesting people. I hope we can have a chance to discover the world in the future.
He Yang
Hello, My name is He Yang, majoring in bioengineer. This is my first time to participate in iGEM. I am good at playing piano and practicing China traditional martial arts. I am also interested in learning everything in lab. The past year in HZAU-China I gained valuable knowledge and friendship. I believe we'll achieve good results this year.
Songtao Cheng
Hello! My name is Songtao Cheng. It's my first year to be an iGEMer. During the iGEM project I found that synthetic biology is so charming. Joining iGEM is a good chance for me to learn knowledge and communicate with creative people to broaden my horizon. In short, I enjoy it!
Yingjie Geng
My name is Yingjie Geng. It is a great pleasure for me to be a member of HZAU-iGEM experiment group. My major contribution is to test the protein expression of the pMag-split dCas9 and nMag-split dcas9, verify the light-induced dimerization protein function by luciferase assay. I'm very happy to talk with others about experimental design. So feel free to contact me.
Zhiqing Guo
My name is Zhiqing Guo. I am a sophomore student now at HZAU. My hobby is widespread, such as reading, listening to music, singing and watching anime. I am dreaming that I will be a super scientist saving the world.
Zhangcheng Ding
I'm a senior student in HZAU. My main job in the team is focusing on the result verification, most on the flow cytometry actually. It's my honour to participate in the competition which helped me to understand biology better. It's really nice to work with my partners.
Bincan He
It's so serious that I don't know what to say. Em, I'm Bincan He, an amusing girl.
Yini Miao
A girl who majors in Bioinformatics has great interest in biology and wants to be the force of it one day.
Qiqi Xiong
Hi, I am a junior student from HZAU and it's my second year in HZAU-iGEM team. This year I worked as a member of Wet Lab in our project. Hope our studys can lead a promising prospect in controlling cells to be synchronized by optical control system.
Jinyu Wang
I'm jinyu wang, a boy who likes animals. I'm a HZAU-iGEMer, I'm working for the things I'm eager to work for life. So I'm always happy.
Wenqi Huang
You can call me Johnson Huang, and I am a senior student majoring in Biotechnology. Every French soldier carries a marshal's baton in his knapsack, and I'm definitely not a French soldier. But anyway, the marvel projects in iGEM always inspire me a lot and this year in iGEM I learned a lot as a team leader. Feel free to contact me if you have any question about our project.
Yinqing Zeng
I am Yinqing Zeng and my major is biotech. I like to conduct my experiment because it can make my concentration. I love this team and I hope what I learn this year could be uesful for them in the future. In another hand, my dream is opening a dessert shop though I don't like eating dessert.
Haimeng Li
Hello! My name is Haimeng Li, I'm from a beautiful coastal city. My major is bioscience. I like doing experiments. I am the head of human practice but responsible for logistics of the team. I'm very glad to join in this competition to enrich my university life.
Anqi Zhou
Hi, I'm Anqi Zhou, a member of wet experiment group. This year, it is my second time attending iGEM. After two years working with iGEMers, I gain happiness and friendship, also get attracted by the fascination of synthetic biology which may be my future reseach field. It's a long way to be a exellent SynBiology scientist but I would put in my best effort.
Weitong Guo
Bioinformatics. Leader of dry lab. Designer of mathematical model and software.
Chen Kening
This is Kening! It sounds like cunning but not really... I have been in this team for two years and my best reward is a well trained turtle. Besides, I'm the art designer and the conductor of qPCR experiment.
Qiqin Mo
I am Qiqin Mo, a boy (or Sister Qin? ) with a strong willing to change the world. l love science and literature. In the IGEM lab, I was lucky to make acquaintance with so many interesting friends while gaining plenty scientific thoughts. I'm happy here, thank you, IGEM.
Hao Bian
Hello! My name is Hao Bian. It is my first time to participate in iGEM. I'm a curious otaku, like watching anime and reading books. My interested areas are Neural science and Computer science.
Lingyu Zhong
My name is Lingyu Zhong. It's my first year in HZAU-iGEM team. I love sicence, and iGEM allowed me to get closer to it. It's happy to do experiment with Mr.Summer Bamboo and Mother Anqi and Shabi Tissue and Shabi Miu and others, hahahahahahahaha I love my team, I love iGEM, I love science.
Wentao Yu
My name is Wentao Yu. wet lab. change linker, rbs, split check.
Hongyu Zhang
The boss behind the scene, a scientist through and through, initiator of iGEM in Huazhong University--Prof. Zhang is our “guru” from whom we can always draw positive energy. And his pet phrase is:” OK! Great! Just do it!
Binguang Ma
Prof. Ma is our direct instructor. He has seen us through thick and thin, and has been with us in times of happiness and sorrow. His field of research is systems biology and synthetic biology, and this time, the inspiration of our project is from him. We all love him, for he is not only our instructor, but also our friends.