Team:HZAU-China/HP/Gold Integrated

HUMAN PRACTICES "Human Practices is the study of how your work affects the world, and how the world affects your work." — Peter Carr, Director of Judging Synthetic biology is an area with unlimited potential. Its develops extremely rapid. A variety of related industries have flourished , a lot of biological components and synthetic organisms are emerging. Controlling and regulation of various biological components are important contents of synthetic biology. Meanwhile, synthetic biology is aiming to establish artificial bio-system by using BioBricks. However, the components of biological are unstable and could not reproduce at every experiment. Based on the engineered design ideas,problem-oriented and down-to-up, we put forward the concept of computer control to solve these problems. With the introduction of computer control, the experiments are more quantifiable. Meanwhile the controlling of the organism is more intuitive and accurate and the information exchange via virtual and real mixing. For the past, the control of metabolism remains at the level of transcription and translation,whereas we use computer and light control tags from the DNA replication level to achieve the cell cycle synchronization .So we provide another level of control method. We think that it is equally important to cultivate a sense of life-control than in the sense of creating life.We creatively put forward the idea of product-industrial producing cell kit-to control the life .Using the effective pattern, we hope to achieve the goal of promoting this awareness. In order to improve our project design and seek for diverse opinions, we designed this questionnaire.And the questionnaire also has a product market survey function to some extent. 1. Why
  • Emphasize the sense of regulation of synthetic biology.
  • Understand the status of cell synchronization methods.
  • To explore market demand.
  • 2. What
  • To achieve the project product, industrialization.
  • Investigate project market.
  • 3. How
  • Questionnaire.
  • We will design the product Goal First, the basic research of scientific research workers can easily use our products and maximize the controlling artificial bio-system’s effect as much as possible via synthetic biology method. The second is to industrial production, reduce energy consumption and enhance economic efficiency. 1. In industrial applications, we are also pursuing the optimal solution of the synchronization method as much as possible. Economic efficiency in industry is a very significant factor. Product feedback is also the core of our human practice . By Product feedback ,we will think how to reduce the cost of synchronization and how to reduce our product costs further.
    • The design of the device use machine to replace manpower as far as possible.
    • In order to decrase energy consumotion, Using a shorter wavelength, lower energy consumption of red and green light is better than original design of blue light.
    • Issuing survey to seek more personalized , cheaper and efficient design, we ensure the needs of the case and reduce costs as much as possible .
    2. We have further studied the positioning of our products in the laboratory. The questionnaire showed that more people have a tendency to fit the form of the kit with the device, and a small number of people tend to buy semi-finished products. Therefore, we will be in the late product promotion for the kit and the device with the direction of efforts.