Software 1. Core of CellCycleLab -- Model CellCycleLab is used to simulate bacteria based on a series of rules. Our mathematical model is the core of operational mechanism. (Click here to read more details of model) 2. Functional button panel
2.1 Start/Stop
You can start to simulate or stop it at any time. We also set keyboard shortcuts “s” to control it. And we design a track bar below “Start” button. It allows you to adjust the frequency of update easily. 2.2 Reset This button will reset all the parameters to the defaults and clear the figure. 2.3 Save/Load It will bring you an ability to travel through time and space. Click it will save all the parameter setting and bacteria current status. After you load it, the old bacteria figure will still be there with different colour. 2.4 Block OriC / Release OriC You can send Block order/Release order by this button. In our project, repress order means blue light ON, and release order means blue light OFF. Its meaning is based on different genetic circuit about OriC switch. 3. Bacteria status panel Your bacteria is simulated by this software. This panel shows various attributes of bacteria in time. (current volume, current growth coefficient, C period, D period, replication initiation is repressed or not, the percentage process of every replication fork in C period and D period) 4. Parameter setting panel Bacteria has various attributes such as growth coefficient, speed of replication, speed of division. If you can obverse this parameter of your cells, you can set them here to make this software more precise. In the future, this panel’s parameters will be adjusted according to the data of microfluidic analysis results. Under most situations, extreme value is allowed. According to the value exceed the limit, a warning message will show. 5. Automatic control strategy and Bluetooth settings In order to connect our hardware to control creature, we also developed a bluetooth part. Benefit from this part, we accomplished the combination of software and hardware, which means that we have associated “model-based simulation” with “real bacteria status”. In this panel, the light control strategy can also be set. 6. Cartoon sketch of bacteria It shows the change of relative size and chromosomes status in single cell level. It’s not just a cartoon, it can bring your intuitive feeling of the results of computer operations. 7. Prediction panel All data presented below is calculated by mathematical model. (Click here to read more details of model) 7.1 Normal stage When the bacteria is normal, this panel will be shown as above. It will guide you how to control bacteria. Predicting the require time of response your operation. 7.2 Repressed stage When OriC is blocked, this panel will show more other predictable information. 7.3 Recovering stage 8. Volume report panel It’s a figure to record your bacteria change. If you load a previous status, it will draw a new curve with different color. It’s easier to compare different results produced by various light control strategy in the same figure. Except this, different growth rate, speed of replication and other bacteria attributes can be shown directly.