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2017 WashU iGEM Team

The WashU iGEM undergraduates were responsible for almost every aspect of the iGEM project, from project development to wiki design to preforming and scheduling experiments to preparing the presentation. Specific roles included:

Alex Yenkin: Human Practices Specialist, Wet lab

Collin Kilgore: Experimental Design Specialist, Wet lab

Maddie Lee: Financial coordinator, Wet lab

Mark Wang: Wiki Master, Wet lab

Micah Rickles-Young: Modeling and Hardware Specialist , Wet lab

Zoe Orenstein: General manager, Wet lab, Photographer

Department of Energy, Environmental, and Chemical Engineering (EECE) Faculty

Dr. Janie Brennan, our main advisor, put the team together and handled our registration this year. When we first started, she guided us through the process of brainstorming and developing our project. Dr. Brennan also reviewed cloning, PCR, and other lab procedures with us.

Dr. Himadri Pakrasi met with Alex at the beginning of the summer to discuss our project, giving him a few pointers on the UV radiation damage resistance mechanisms already present in cyanobacteria. Dr. Pakrasi also suggested several routes we could take our project, one being to compare different genes that combat UV-induced DNA damage.

Dr. Fuzhong Zhang provided us with lab space, resources, and equipment.

Dr. Yinjie Tang provided us with lab space, resources, and equipment.

Zhang Lab Graduate Students

Eugene Kim oversaw our work in the lab and taught us how to prepare LB media, LB agar, and antibiotic plates. He guided us through PCR and transformation at the beginning of the summer, providing us protocols for both processes, and he taught us how to use SnapGene to design primers and order DNA sequences. As we performed the Interlab study, Eugene also taught us how to operate the Zhang Lab's Tecan Infinite M200 Pro plate reader. When we were having some trouble with protein expression, Eugene helped us perform protein expression tests.

Sarah Rommelfanger and Andrea Balassy answered questions with regards to working with cynobacteria and guided us through the transformation process and protocol. They also assisted us with Golden Gate assembly.

The 2016 WashU iGEM Team

Drew Ells, Harley Greene, Gillian Meyers, and Zach Glick gave us advice on developing our project and planning out our work for the summer. We also derived some of the code for the lab notebook section of the wiki from Zach's work in the 2016 team's wiki. As a result, the style of our wiki's lab notebook is similar to that of the 2016 team.


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