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iGEM HQ Representative Program

Hello teams!

The iGEM HQ Representative Program is an email-based initiative focused on creating personal connections between iGEM teams and members of the iGEM HQ staff. The goal of the program is to provide teams with a personal contact at iGEM HQ through which team members can ask questions and get any help they might need during the season.

Teams can expect regular contact from their HQ Rep at least once a month from May through October. Teams who engage with their HQ Rep and reply to the HQ Rep emails will certainly receive more responses than the regular monthly correspondence. Each team has been randomly assigned to their HQ Reps, so keep an eye on your email to see who your HQ Rep is for this year!

We hope you find this program helpful and we look forward to getting to know you!

Abigail, Ana, Kitwa, Maria, Traci, and Vinoo

Meet Your iGEM HQ Reps

Abigail Sison

iGEM Laboratory Technician and Ambassador to Australasia
Email: abigail AT igem DOT org

Fun Fact: I was an iGEMer in 2014, and now I'm an intern at iGEM HQ - Started from the bottom now I'm here!
Contact Me: I can help you with questions about part requests.
Hobbies: Knitting, drawing, and pipetting

Ana Sifuentes

iGEM Visual Designer and Ambassador to Latin America
Email: ana AT igem DOT org

Fun Fact: My major is Digital Art and Animation.
Contact Me: If you have any questions about design or human practices, I am happy to chat!
Hobbies: Cycling, sketching, and cooking

Kitwa Ng

iGEM Assistant Director of Operations
Email: kitwa AT igem DOT org

Fun Fact: I love food. All food, any food. Learning to tolerate (slightly) spicy food.
Contact Me: I'm happy to help with questions related to team registration, Jamboree registration, administration, and logistics.
Hobbies: Eating, baking, and cooking

Maria Bartolini

iGEM Director of Marketing and Communications
Email: maria AT igem DOT org

Fun Fact: I have visited the 'Top of Europe' and went snow tubing on Jungfrau.
Contact Me: If you have questions about special offers and grant, I'm happy to chat.
Hobbies: Adding things to my amazon shopping cart and playing with my kids

Traci Haddock-Angelli

iGEM Director of Technology
Email: traci AT igem DOT org

Fun Fact: I have a doctorate in marine microbiology and have been at sea for research for over 70 days.
Contact Me: I can help you with wet lab troubleshooting and experimental design.
Hobbies: Reading, traveling, and photography

Vinoo Selvarajah

iGEM Assistant Director of the Registry
Email: vinoo AT igem DOT org

Fun Fact: Birds are dinosaurs.
Contact Me: With questions about the Registry and parts.
Hobbies: Drawing, eating, and wearing flannel