Team Meetups

Meetup events are happening around the world. Teams share ideas, help each other, and spend time with their fellow iGEMers! There is the opportunity to have a representative from Headquarters come to your event!

Last year's Meetup page - 2016 Meetups

Is your team organizing a Team Meetup during the 2017 competition season?

Tell us about your Meetup by sending us an email to hq AT igem DOT org .
Please include:

  • Name of the Meetup
  • Brief description of the Meetup (2 - 4 sentences)
  • Dates
  • Location
  • Itinerary
  • Contact information (to be posted online)




5th Annual BioBrick Workshop at DTU

Dates: March 10-12, 2017
Location: Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Lyngby, Denmark
Description: DTU hosted its 5th Annual BioBrick Workshop March 10-12. The workshop is a combination of hands-on BioBrick assembly tutorial in the lab, presentations, and a chance to get to know each other.

Contact information: Please contact Associate Professor Christopher Workman, DTU Bioengineering, for more information about this meetup!
E-mail address: cwor [AT]

Itinerary: You can see a detailed itinerary for this meetup here.

Brazilian Meetup

Date: March 17, 2017
Location: Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICB) 3, Cidade Universitária, São Paulo - SP, Brazil
Description: The community of iGEM teams from Brazil invites anyone interested to join this meetup in the USP main campus, in São Paulo, Brazil. We will have a full day of talks and get-togethers to present the 2017 projects and foster iGEM in the whole region! The meeting will be held in portuguese, with some video-conferences in spanish, but it is open to all the iGEM community.

Contact Information: Facebook Group and Facebook Event

iGEM Southern China Regional Meeting

Date: April 29, 2017
Location: Shenzhen University XILI Campus, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Description: 2017SZU-China iGEM team invited 8 other iGEM teams to our school to have a meetup about our project this year. It was a one day meetup. Starting with the presentation of each team's project this year and as the host we prepared gifts for everyone of our guests. We learned and communicate a lot that day.

May festival in Tokyo University

Dates: May 20-21, 2017
Location: Tokyo University, Bunkyo, Japan
Description: May festival is an annual school festival in Tokyo University. iGEM UT-Tokyo organizes an assembly of iGEM Japan as a part of the festival. iGEMers have poster sessions to communicate with high school students and university students who do not belong to iGEM currently, tell the public about iGEM and inform other teams of projects in 2017.

Contact information: Please contact the hosts, UT-Tokyo 2016 for information about the event
E-mail address: info [AT]

1st day
9:00~18:00 Poster session
19:00~21:30 Dinner

2nd day
9:00~18:00 Poster session

Nordic iGEM Conference

Date: June 9-11, 2017
Location: August Krogh Building, Copenhagen
Description: The iGEM team Copenhagen is hosting the annual Nordic iGEM Conference (NIC) from the 9th-11th of June. On the second day we will be hosting the Nordic Mini Jamboree, competing in presentations, ending with a Gala event in the evening. For More information go the Facebook event here.
Contact information: igemku2017 [AT]

Itinerary: Download the PDF here.

New England iGEM (NEGEM) - Summer Meetup

Dates: June 21, 2017
Location: Boston University Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering (CILSE), 610 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA 02215
Description: This year, BU and MIT have teamed up to co-host this year's NEGEM meetups! This first meeting will take place at BU on June 21st, and the second at MIT in early October. NEGEM has been an invaluable experience in the past few years, allowing teams to learn about each other's projects, get helpful feedback, establish collaborations, and network with each other. This early meeting will allow New England iGEM teams to get preliminary feedback on their project goals and set up potential summer collaborations. We hope you will join us at BU in June!

Contact Information: Alan Pacheco, BU Team Instructor
E-mail address: bu.igem2017mentors[AT]

Itinerary: Download the PDF here.

Benelux Meetup at Wageningen

Dates: June 24, 2017
Location: Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Description: This year, the iGEM team of Wageningen University will again organise the meet-up for all iGEM teams in the Benelux. This meet-up will take place the 24th of June on the campus of Wageningen University. The official program will start at 12am, and will finish around 6pm followed by a BBQ. Registration can be done by emailing us, and more information can be found on the Facebook Event .
Contact information: email to igem.wageningen [AT]

iGEM Northern Meet-up UK

Dates: June 26, 2017
Location: University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Description: Edinburgh Overgraduates are happy to be hosting this meet-up for teams from the northern regions of the UK! We plan to show visiting teams some Edinburgh sights in the morning, before having an afternoon of presentations and discussions about our projects.

Visiting teams should aim to arrive at Edinburgh Waverley Station at 9:30am. We will give a tour of some Edinburgh landmarks in the morning then return to the university. Here we'll provide lunch before having an afternoon of presentations and discussions about our projects. The official activities for the day will finish by 5pm but teams are welcome to stay longer and socialise if they wish.

Contact information: For more information contact us by email (igem2017edinburgh.og [AT] gmail [DOT] com) or on Twitter ([AT]EdinburghOG2017)

Germany Team Meetup

Dates: June 30 - July 2, 2017
Location: The Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden and the Biology building of TU-Dresden
Description: We would like to formally invite a delegation of your iGEM team to attend a German-wide iGEM Meetup, hosted by the Technical University of Dresden’s iGEM team. If you are in the mood to visit us in Dresden and to get to know the other teams, then please fill out the confirmation of participation form below, and send it by email to igem2017[AT] by June 15th at the latest.

Contact Information: TU Dresden Team
E-mail address: iGEM2017[AT]

Itinerary: Confirmation of Participation Form
Meetup Brochure

European Meetup at TU Delft

Dates: July 7-8, 2017
Location: Faculty Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Description: This year’s European meetup is held on the 7th of July in our home town, Delft. We will start with a symposium during which three interesting speakers will talk about Synthetic Biology and how they implement this in their field. In the afternoon we will start with a poster presentation of every iGEM team attending, to find out what everyone is up to and get discussions going. To end the day, we will be having a nice BBQ for some extra iGEM bonding. Next to the serious sessions on the Friday, we would also like to invite you to join in some fun Dutch activities on Saturday the 8th of July. For this, we have planned three different activities (participation optional).

Joining this event is a perfect chance to meet other iGEM teams, find out about each-other's projects and perhaps even begin collaborations, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Contact: Registration is requested by the 5th of June for all teams who wish to attend. Please contact the TU Delft iGEM team for more information and how to register.
Email address: tudelft.igem [AT]

Itinerary: You can see more details about this meetup here.

All India iGEM Meet-up 2017

Dates: July 15-16, 2017
Location: IISER Pune, India
Description: It will be a 2 days meet up which 7 out of 9 of the Indian teams will be attending. Team Peshawar Pakistan will also join through Skype along with one more Indian team. We will present our project ideas and get practice for the Giant Jamboree. We will also be inviting guest speakers to talk about synthetic biology and related topics to broaden our knowledge base. It will a great platform to share ideas and make fruitful collaborations.

Contact: Aarti or Avani
Email address: aarti.kejriwal [AT] or koparkar.avani [AT]

Itinerary: You can see more details about this meetup here.

Ontario Meetup

Dates: July 17, 2017
Location: University of Waterloo
Description: A mini-conference like meetup for the iGEM teams located in or around Ontario. Teams will have a chance to speak about theirs and listen to other teams iGEM projects and other important topics relevant to iGEM teams. Lunch and food will be provided for the day. Ontario teams can get reimbursed for travel costs by Ontario Genomics.
Contact Information: Cody Receno
Phone number:
E-mail address: uwigem [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Itinerary: An itinerary for the event will be available soon.

2017 Taiwan iGEM Conference

Dates: July 17, 2017
Location: Chang Gung University, Taiwan
Description: This conference is a one-day meetup for iGEMer in Taiwan and China. During this conference, teams can share their projects to iGEMers, and get to know each other through group activities. Moreover, we have invited Wong, Chi-Huey, the distinguished research fellow from Academic Sinica to give us a speech of science. We hope teams can gain a lot through 2017 Taiwan iGEM conference.
Contact Information: Team CGU_Taiwan
Phone number:
E-mail address: igemcgu [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Itinerary: An itinerary for the event can be found here

3rd Parisian Meetup

Dates: July 21, 2017
Location: Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
Description: The Pasteur 2017 team is hosting the Parisian meetup welcoming all the French teams to join and share. The day will be split in several times: we will begin with a friendly breakfast to start to know each other, then will come a time for every team to do a short presentation of their project so we can share about our experience. The afternoon will be focused on the interesting question of what do you do after participating in iGEM and we will have the pleasure to receive former iGEMers so they can share their experience after the competition. See the Facebook Event for details.
Contact Information: Team Pasteur_Paris
E-mail address: igem.pasteur [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Itinerary: TBD

Mexican Teams Meetup

Dates: July 21-22, 2017
Location: Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Estado de México, Av. Lago de Guadalupe 3.5 Km, Margarita Maza de Juárez. C.P. 52926, Estado de México, México
Description: Our meetup will have various activities, including a wet lab collaboration activity and a human practice one that consists in making a lab manual for elementary school kids in Mexico.


10:00-11:00 Arrival
12:30-13:30 Welcome and snacks
13:30-15:30 Collaboration wetlab-mini interlab discussion.
15:30-16:45 Collaboration Human Practices, (STEM Manual for kids).
16:45-18:00 Formal dinner
18:00-20:00 Presentation with judges
20:00-21:00 Beer Hour
22:00-3:00 Night out (optional)

Contact Information:
Phone number:
E-mail address: igemteccem [AT] gmail [DOT] com

+52 1 55 4386 5507
+52 1 55 3900 4450

Mid-Atlantic iGEM Meet-up

Dates: July 29, 2017
Location: Gilmer 190, on UVA Grounds
Contact Information:
Phone number:
E-mail address:


    8am-9am-Register/Meet and Greet. (Bodo’s Bagels and Coffee)
    9am-9:30am-Opening remarks by team
    9:30am-12:30 pm-Presentations (15-20 minutes); Q&A afterward
    12:30pm-2:00pm- Break for lunch
    2:00pm-3:00pm-Entrepreneurship and Making the iGEM Experience into a Future Business Idea
    3:30pm-4pm-Closing Remarks

Attendees should RSVP to the event.

iGEM 2017 North American Upper Midwest Meet-Up

Dates: Saturday, July 29, 2017, 12:00 - 5:00pm
Location: Michigan State University
Description: Come to Michigan State University for a day filled with fun activities, games, presentations, and good company! Teams will be giving short presentations on their project to inform the other teams in attendance. It will be a great chance to connect with other iGEM teams and experience/learn what being in iGEM has done for all of us!
Contact Information:
Phone number:
E-mail address: igemmsu [AT] gmail [DOT] com


    Check In: 12:00pm-12:45pm
    Meet and Greet/ Ice-breaker Games: 12:50pm-2:00pm
    Presentations: 2:00pm-3:30pm
    Garden Tour/ Team Pictures: 3:35pm-4:30pm
    Ice cream and Goodbyes: 4:30pm-5:00pm

5th Asia Pacific International Genetically Engineered Machine Conference

Dates: July 30 - August 3, 2017
Location: National Chiao Tung University, HsinChu, Taiwan
Contact Information: Please contact Associate Professor Wen-Liang Chen, National Chiao Tung University, College of Biological Science and Technology, for more information about this meetup!
Phone number: 886-3-5712121*59711
E-mail address: nctu_formosa2017.bt05 [AT]

Itinerary: You can see a detailed itinerary for this meetup here.

Southeastern Mini iGEM Convention

Dates: August 4-5, 2017
Location: Gaston Day School in Gastonia, North Carolina
Description: The Southeastern Mini iGEM Convention will take place at Gaston Day School in Gastonia, NC on August 4-5. Teams will be given opportunities to share their ideas and discuss the future of synthetic biology. Experienced professionals in the synthetic biology field will give short talks so that the teams can conduct a seminar.
Itinerary:You can see a detailed itinerary for this meetup here.
Contact Information:
Phone number:
E-mail address: Cecilia Lee / East Chapel Hill: chaelee1125 [AT] gmail [DOT] com OR Gaston Day: igem [AT] gastonday [DOT] org

You may RSVP here:

Mediterranean Meetup

Date: August 10-11, 2017
Location: Aix-Marseille
The 1st Mediterranean Meetup - The meetup was a melange of posters, presentations, and a chance to get to know each other.
Email address: Please contact the team at equipe.igem.amu [at]

UK Meetup at Westminster

Date: August 18-19, 2017
Location: University of Westminster
Description: The Westminster team will be hosting a UK team meetup in August! The conference will have a plenary speaker and sessions for the iGEM teams to present. There will also be a poster and networking session. Participating teams are asked to submit their abstracts by July 14th.

Email address: Please contact the team at uow.igem [AT] to register and submit your abstract.

China iGEM High School Conference

Dates: August 20, 2017
Location:Shenzhen Institute of International Education, Shenzhen, China
Description: First high school meetup in 2017 with experienced collegiate teams as guests. Held by SCIE-SIAT and Shenzhen_SFLS. We are honored to welcome the representative of iGEM in Asia—Dr. Haoqian Zhang at this meeting. Our aim is to promote further team-to-team cooperation and help every team solve frustrating problems by discovering a new angle through discussion so that the final results at the Giant Jamboree could be improved.
Contact Information: Please contact Skye Zhao via email or phone.
E-mail address: 2629621040 (at)
Phone number: +86 18820288889
Itinerary: You can see a detailed itinerary for this meetup here.

Conference of China iGEMer Community Meetup

Dates: August 26-28, 2017
Location:Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou, Fujian, China.
Description: The Conference of China iGEMer Committee (CCiC) has been becoming a traditional meet up around China iGEM community. This year, we will try to provide diverse lectures in CCiC. We will update the details and schedule of this conference in iGEM China Community QQ Group.
Contact Information: Please contact meeting coordinator, Hao Feng or co-coordinator,Junhao Lu
E-mail address: funghao [AT] (Hao Feng); junhao3 [AT] (Junhao Lu)
Phone number: 17720805623 (Hao Feng)
QQ Group: Please feel free to join the QQ group: 363055707 (Group Number).

Danish ethics and wiki workshop

Dates: August 27th
Location: University of Southern Denmark. Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense, Denmark
Description: SDU iGEM 2017 invites to a meetup for Danish iGEM 2017 teams. It will include a wiki presentation and workshop with a former team member who's wiki won the best wiki prize two years in a row. Furthermore, our own philosophy and history students will present relevant bioethical aspects.

Contact Information:
E-mail address: igem [AT]

European Practice Jamboree hosted by Team KU Leuven

Dates: October 7th
Location: Andreas Vesaliusstraat 13, 3000 Leuven, Belgium
The KU Leuven iGEM team wants to invite all the European teams to their symposium in October. This will be the ideal practice for every team to present their project and sharpen their skills through a poster presentation. Additionally, we invite two professors to talk about their research. In the evening, there will be lunch and dinner and you can discover one of the coziest cities in Belgium. Please fill in the registration form so we know how many people are coming.

Registration Form.

Registration ends October 1, 11.59 p.m..

For more information or to confirm your attendance please send an email to igem2017 [AT] kuleuven [DOT] be.

Beijing-Tianjin iGEM Meetup

Dates: October 7-8
Location: Yanqi Lake Campus of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
The iGEM Team UCAS invites all teams in Beijing-Tianjin area and any other team interested to join us on October 7-8. The Beijing-Tianjin iGEM Meetup is going to be held at Yanqi Lake Campus, UCAS, which lies at the foot of the Great Wall and near the beautiful Yanqi Lake. Besides regular presentation and poster session, we also arranged a workshop and an autumn outing for better communication. Hope to see you this October!

Contact Information: ucasigem [AT] 163 [DOT] com OR yejingnan15 [AT] mails [DOT] ucas [DOT] ac [DOT] cn

Click here for the itinerary.

NEGEM 2017.2

Dates: October 22, starting at 10 AM
Location: 500 Technology Square, Cambridge MA, room NE47-189 (about 3 blocks from the MIT/Kendall T stop)
Description: Registration form:
Please, only on person PER TEAM fill out the form.

Contact Information:
E-mail address: